Cool Homemade Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake

Cool Homemade Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake

My husband and I always host Thanksgiving dinner for our very close friends and family. I love the tradition of having a cornucopia on my table. I normally make cornucopia using a horn-shaped bamboo basket with fresh fruits and dried corn, some fresh fall flowers, and some dried decorative squash. Since I love making cakes, not as a business … Read more

Coolest Horn of Plenty Thanksgiving Cake

Homemade Horn of Plenty Thanksgiving Cake

I’m not really sure what possessed me to make this Horn of Plenty Thanksgiving Cake. I wanted to make a cake for our Thanksgiving dinner and the only thing I could think of (other than a Turkey of course) was a Cornucopia. So I decided to try out my gum paste skills. The cake is … Read more

Coolest Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Cake

Homemade Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Cake

I just began taking cake decorating classes in September. I’ve been sending pictures of my cakes to my Daddy. He loves sweets! He wanted a cake for Thanksgiving but couldn’t decide what kind. Therefore I made a three tier cake each a different kind. The top layer was vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling from … Read more

Coolest Cornucopia Cake

Coolest Cornucopia Cake Ideas, Photos and How-To Tips

My brother challenged me to make a Thanksgiving cake to rival my Aunt (she bakes delicious cakes, but does not decorate them). This is a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I had to chill the icing several times to get the basket weave finished (it kept getting too warm in my hands). The flowers … Read more