Coolest Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Cake

I just began taking cake decorating classes in September. I’ve been sending pictures of my cakes to my Daddy. He loves sweets! He wanted a cake for Thanksgiving but couldn’t decide what kind. Therefore I made a three tier cake each a different kind.

The top layer was vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling from Buddy Valastro’s (CakeBoss)Cookbook. Middle layer was red velvet with cream cheese frosting, bottom layer was caramel cake with caramel butter cream frosting.

The entire cake was “dirty iced” or “crumb coated” with butter cream and the entire cake was piped in butter cream frosting. Each layer was a shade darker as the cake went down for appearance of depth. I used ivory, brown, and copper Wilton color. I made all the decorations from choco pan fondant and white modeling chocolate. I used Wilton color to create all the colors. I hand molded all of the decorations.

The cornucopia is made of white modeling chocolate and fondant. I brushed it with luster dust. I also used luster, pearl, and disco dust for sheen, shine, and sparkle. I covered the cake base board with white fondant and brushed it with color and luster dust. Each cake was separated with a cake board so they could be lifted off and separated when ready to cut.

This Homemade Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Cake was a great cake and my family loved it!

Homemade Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Cake

Homemade Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Cake

Homemade Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Cake

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