My husband and I always host Thanksgiving dinner for our very close friends and family.

I love the tradition of having a cornucopia on my table. I normally make cornucopia using a horn-shaped bamboo basket with fresh fruits and dried corn, some fresh fall flowers, and some dried decorative squash.

Since I love making cakes, not as a business but as a hobby, I the realized why not make a cornucopia cake as something new?

The cake is made of lemon cake which I got the recipe on-line and I used three round cake pans to bake. The cake is four layers with chocolate buttercream icing and cut around to make a V-shape.

For the frosting, I used chocolate mousse, a very basic recipe out of gelatine and cocoa powder and whipping cream. Then I arrange those fresh fruits to make it look like the fruits are coming out of the basket, which is a symbol of abundance.

I am supposed to make a basket weave pattern for my frosting but my chocolate mousse is a bit soft, so I ended up using the cake comb to run over the frosting to make it look like a diagonal basketweave.

Our guest came and it surprises them with all that ‘WOW….. AAHHHH…. GREAT JOB.”

I’m so proud of myself!