Beautiful Homemade Ballerina Cake

Beautiful Ballerina Cake

For my daughter’s 5th birthday, she asked for a ballerina cake. I’m not the best at envisaging a wonderful creation in my head so I used CakeGirl from Flickr’s cake (not sure if hers was the original, I think so though). Mine is a little different. I made 2 moist chocolate crazy cakes (this recipe … Read more

Birthday Cake for a Ballet Dancer

Birthday Cake for a Ballet Dancer

I was asked to make a cake for my friends granddaughter’s sixth birthday. She told me she did ballet so I decided to make a ballet shoe cake. I made my usual Madeira cake and sandwiched and covered it with butter cream, then covered it with white icing. I covered the cake board with pink … Read more

Coolest Tutu Dress Cupcakes

Coolest Tutu Dress Cupcakes

I started making the upper part of the cup cakes first. I did this a few days before I actually baked the cupcakes. I used fondant and a heart cookie cutter. I made 50 hearts shapes. I then applied the edible pink pearls on the hearts while the fondant was still soft. I made dark pink flowers from fondant with … Read more

Coolest Ballet Slipper Cake for a Dancer

Coolest Ballet Slipper Cake for a Dancer

I made this Ballet Slipper cake for a friend’s daughter-in-law who was a dancer and now is a dancing instructor. The ballet shoes were a challenge to do. I used a template found on the internet and then just through trial and error and a bit of luck managed to make them look like ballet … Read more

Coolest Princess Ballerina Birthday Cake

Coolest Princess Ballerina Birthday Cake

My name is Samantha and for my daughter’s second birthday she very badly wanted a “princess ballerina” birthday cake. For anyone who has met Reilly, this is no surprise  She is not only a girly girl in every sense, but a very particular one at that! So now to go about this…. First I googled every combination of … Read more

Coolest Prima Balerina Cake for 1st Birthday

Coolest Prima Balerina Cake for 1st Birthday

This Prima Balerina cake was a cake for a first birthday for a little girl named Penelope.  She was darling!!  I started my cake with a 10 inch base topped with a 6 inch top.  This design was completely my own creation.  The first tier I frosted in butter cream and smoothed with Viva paper towel.  This really … Read more

Coolest Ballet Slippers Birthday Cake

Homemade Ballet Slippers Birthday Cake

This birthday cake was designed for my daughter who had a love of ballet at the time. We had a large crowd, so I needed 2 cakes to feed everyone. I simply made two 9×13 cakes and cut out a freehand slipper shape onto wax paper. I set the wax paper over the cake and … Read more

Coolest Ballet Cake Design

Homemade Ballet Cake Design

My niece requested a cheesecake with a Homemade Ballet Cake Design. I made the cheesecake using the Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe and then tinted the mixture to match the colour of the cake with the accessories. I made the tutu using an egg cup as the base, then I draped and gathered a piece of … Read more

Coolest Ballet Slippers Cake Idea

This is a picture of a Ballet Slippers Cake Idea I made to celebrate my daughter’s ballet recital. I always browse this site for ideas before making my cakes, so I thought I should post my own. I used the ballet slippers cake pan from Wilton’s. I used white cake mix and homemade buttercream frosting. … Read more

Coolest Pink Ballerina Cake

Homemade Pink Ballerina Cake

This Pink Ballerina Cake was inspired by M Vieira’s beautiful ballerina cake on this website. It was quite easy to make, although it did take some time. The cake itself is two Devil’s Food cake mixes baked in a Wilton professional grade 10-inch wide x 3-inch deep pan. The baking itself took about an hour … Read more

Coolest Ballet Birthday Cake

Homemade  Ballet Birthday Cake

I’m a self-taught cake creator and just recently started using fondant. So, I often make cakes for my Fiance’s family events. My niece-to-be came up to me at my engagement party on Sunday and made this very serious, “I’m about to beg you for a cake face.” All She asked for a marbled cake that … Read more

Coolest Ballerina Cake

Homemade Ballerina Cake

My name is Judy and I made this ballerina cake for my first customer. I have never made a cake to sell, I usually make cakes for my family. I love trying out new things and making cakes is MY NEW THING LOL… So far I have made 4 cakes, including this one. I never … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ballerina Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

This cake is the first stacked cake Ive ever tried. The bottom was three layers of 9″ rounds. The top was two layers of 6″ rounds. I used both white cake and strawberry cake layers. The icing is a cream cheese icing. I just used a Wilton #4 tip to do the wiggles on the … Read more

Coolest Ballerina Bear Cake

Homemade Ballerina Bear Cake

I got the idea for this Ballerina Bear Cake from the Wilton website. My daughter is very into ballet at the moment. The cake is 2 chocolate packet mixes. The cake is iced with a buttercream made with butter and vegetable shortening. I piped little stars all over the body and hand drew the features … Read more

Coolest Ballet Shoes Cake

Homemade Ballet Shoes Cake

This ballet shoes cake was for my daughter’s 5th birthday ( very important). She was starting ballet so I thought this would be a perfect theme. She chose chocolate and strawberry so I made one layer chocolate with fudge filling and the other strawberry with strawberry creme filling. This was my first endeavor with fondant. … Read more

Coolest Pointe Ballet Shoe Cake

Homemade Pointe Ballet Shoe Cake

I got the idea for this Pointe Ballet Shoe Cake from another cake on this site but wanted to make a few changes. I really wanted to get more of “pointe ballet shoe” than a ballet slipper and I wanted the bows on top of the shoe to be small like the ones on my … Read more

Coolest Ballet Shoes Cake Design

Homemade Ballet Shoes Cake Design

This Homemade Ballet Shoes Cake Design was made for a fourteen year old who loves ballet. I made a two tier sponge with buttercream filling. The masks I made out of fondant, rolled out the fondant flat, free hand cut the shapes, then placed cottonwool dusted with cornflour underneath to shape cheeks and nose shape … Read more

Coolest Ballerina Bun Cake

Ballerina Bun Cake

I got the idea for these buns from a book but changed the colours to suit what I could get easily and what I already had in my cupboard. Make cupcakes and placed two slightly larger paper bun cases upside down on top (stick down with a bit of butter icing). Cut coloured icing circles … Read more

Coolest Ballerina Birthday Cake

Homemade Ballerina Birthday Cake

I wanted something different for my little girl’s 2nd birthday. So I thought I’d try molding something. This ballerina is the first time I’ve ever molded a figure and I was pretty happy with the outcome. I was looking for simplicity but cute too. I saw this Ballerina Birthday Cake on Flicker and thought it … Read more

Coolest Ballerina Dancing Cake

This cake is a dark choc mud cake all the figurines roses and ballet shoes are all made by myself the cake has a dark pink fondant covering and has around the sides fonadant ribbons roses and to add a special touch i added inserted ribbon if you have nay questions post me a msg … Read more