Cool Texting Cell Phone Cake

Cool Texting Cell Phone Cake

When my son turned 13 he finally got a cell phone. To mark the occasion we decided to make him a cake to match, perfect for this big teen milestone. A cell phone cake could be easy, just a decorated 9×13, but we decided to go the extra mile and make the cake look just … Read more

Easy Cake Recipes for Phone-Shaped Cakes 1

For my daughters 8th birthday she picked out the “Glamour Girl” party theme. She said she wanted a cell phone cake. At first I had planned to just make the cake look like a cell phone, but then I came up with the idea to make the cell phone out of rice crispy treats. I … Read more

Coolest Phone Birthday Cake

Homemade Phone Birthday Cake

This phone birthday cake is a chocolate funfetti sheet cake with chocolate fudge icing. I used glitter writing gels for the features and confetti sprinkles over the face. The smaller cell phones are made from rice crispies, but I do not recommend using sugar cookie icing to frost these with. I made that mistake and … Read more

Cool Homemade Phone-Shaped Cakes

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I make many easy cake recipes so my uncle called me and asked me if I could make a telephone cake for my cousin Morgan because she is on the phone all the time. Four hours later I had this. Not bad for a 14 year old! More Phone-Shaped Cakes Cake by Beth W., Newport, … Read more