Coolest Vacuum Birthday Cake

Homemade Vacuum Birthday Cake

My son is crazy for cleaning. It’s his favorite pastime. Naturally, I want to reinforce this behavior! So he has lots of cleaning-oriented toys, and his favorites, by far, are vacuums. He goes nuts screaming “Vacuum! Vacuum!” when he sees any vacuums at his daycare or in stores. So, when I was planning his 2nd … Read more

Coolest Hoover Vacuum Cake

Homemade Hoover Vacuum Cake

I made this Henry Hoover vacuum cake for my son for his 6th birthday. He has always loved hoovers and other electrical things, but hoovers are a firm favourite, he even used to try to eat the hoover tube when he was a baby! When my mum bought a real Henry Hoover last year, he … Read more