Coolest Ant-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorations 1

This was very easy. Bake three round cakes, let it cool. For the birthday cake decorations cover it with black icing. I used black licorice for legs and antenna and marshmallows for eyes. I also surrounded the ant with grass (coconut with green food coloring) and dirt (crushed Oreo’s).s for eyes. I also surrounded the … Read more

Coolest Ant-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorations 2

I basically did a bunt cake, used icing to make it look like a hill, and then sprinkled crushed graham crackers on top for the dirt effect. For the grass, I dyed coconut and sprinkled that around. I found some plastic ants at a local eclectic shop in Raleigh, so I used those coming out … Read more

Bugs Cake

Bugs Cake

My son wanted a bug party. I decided to make an ant bed. I made a rectangle flat cake for the bottom. I then took a bowl and flipped it upside down. I Iced it with brown icing and put crumbled vanilla wafers on top. I got the ants from the dollar store and the … Read more

Coolest Ants Cake and Cupcakes

Homemade  Ants Cake and Cupcakes

This Ants Cake and Cupcakes was made by a family friend for my 4 children who share their birthdays in June. The triplets turned 1 and my oldest daughter turned 3. My husband and I decided on the theme, because they are always under our feet, busy carrying something around, eating, and just moving about, … Read more

Coolest Anthill Cake Idea

Homemade Anthill Cake Idea

I had a set of breast cake pan, I know that sounds horrible, but I was moving and that is the only pan I had and needed to make my son’s first birthday cake so I had this Anthill Cake Idea. I found some cute ants and bugs and made 2 anthills. I sprinkled brown … Read more

Coolest Unwelcome Guest Cake

Homemade Unwelcome Guest Cake

I decide to make this Unwelcome Guest Cake because I love summer and browsing online I ran into this recipe so I thought it would be pretty simple and it was, you just have to fun with it! How to make it: Start with a square cake, frost it with store bought vanilla frosting, dye … Read more

Coolest Ant-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorations

Coolest Birthday Cake Decorations and Amazing Cake Photo Gallery

My daughter’s summer birthday is usually spent at our summer cabin in the mountains. I was trying to think up an interesting idea and looked down and saw an ant! I got a few ideas on this site for birthday cake decorations and here’s how it turned out. It was a chocolate cake and I … Read more