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Coolest Unwelcome Guest Cake

I decide to make this Unwelcome Guest Cake because I love summer and browsing online I ran into this recipe so I thought it would be pretty simple and it was, you just have to fun with it!

How to make it:

Start with a square cake, frost it with store bought vanilla frosting, dye some red and put it into a sandwich bag. Cut the tip off and make the squares then the plate and the hot dogs are made out of sunburst (yeah), just pop em in the microwave and mold them with your hands. I used a toothpick at the end of the hot dogs to form the casing a little bit, the buns are vanilla wafers, the meat in the hamburger is a piece of snickers that you also gotta work with your hands and form a patty, the ants are M&M’s, the “grass” is coconut flakes with green dye. Also dye some icing yellow for mustard and green for lettuce.

Had a lot of fun making this cake and my son loves it!

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