Cool Homemade Butterfly Cake with Fondant Butterflies

Butterfly First Birthday Cake

I made this chocolate cake for my baby girl’s first birthday using inspiration for a butterfly cake I found on this site. Several days ahead, I made the butterflies and letters out of rolled fondant. I used a butterfly cookie cutter (small and large), circle (from the top of my salt shaker) and popsicle sticks. … Read more

Cute Homemade Butterfly Cake Using a Heart Shaped Cake Pan

Butterfly cake

My daughter just turned 8 and she requested a Butterfly cake for her birthday. I looked into butterfly cake pans but they were so expensive so I searched the internet for other ideas. I found this site and someone showed a butterfly cake they had made using a heart shaped cake pan. The idea was … Read more

Coolest Homemade Butterfly Cakes 0

This cake is easier than it looks. I baked a cake in a 12×2 inch cake pan. When completely cooled I cut the cake in half right down the middle. Then I switched the two halves so the rounded part is in the middle. I then cut a piece from the rounded side going up … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Cake Ideas and How-To Tips 5

I made this butterfly cake for a friends daughter’s first birthday. It is an 11×15 cake iced smooth with white icing. I traced a picture from an Anne Geddes picture onto tracing paper. I then traced the picture with piping gel onto wax paper. I placed the wax paper with the piping gel side down … Read more

Adorable Homemade Pink and Purple Butterfly Cake

Homemade Butterfly Cake

The easiest way to create the basic butterfly cake was to prepare three cakes in a 11×13 pan. One would be used to get the basic head and body shape and then the other two would be for two wings each. The wings were basically four separate similar-sized hearts. I covered it all with fondant … Read more

Coolest M&M Butterfly Birthday Cake

Homemade M&M Butterfly Birthday Cake

I saw the instructions for this homemade M&M butterfly birthday cake on a bag of M&Ms I received for Easter! It was easy, fast & a big hit with all of my friends. I chose to use a strawberry cake mix & fluffy white vanilla icing. It took two bags of Easter colored pastel M&Ms … Read more

Coolest Fruity Butterfly Cake

Homemade Fruity Butterfly Cake

For my daughter’s summer birthday, we wanted something with flavors my family liked that still looked special for a birthday. So, I made a Fruity Butterfly Cake with chocolate cake from scratch and baked it in a butterfly shaped pan (although I think it would be just as easy to cut the shape from a … Read more

Easy Homemade Butterfly Cake with M&Ms

Butterfly Cake

My 10 year old niece wanted a butterfly cake and was really pleased with this one. I made batter from 2 boxed cake mixes (yellow or vanilla cake mix), and baked them in 2 9×13 glass pans. I cut off the rounded top of each cake to make it more even. Each wing was cut … Read more

Cool Butterfly Birthday Cake

Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake Ideas

This cake was fairly easy to make! I bought 4 heart-shaped cake pans from the local party shop (disposable aluminum kind for $1). The wings were made from the hearts and each heart was about 1/2 of a cake mix. The body was an oval casserole pan that used about 1/3 of a cake mix, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Butterfly Cakes 1

I decided to do two butterfly cakes for my daughters first birthday to accommodate all the guests. The cakes were made from an old Wilton Cake pan that my mom used for me when I was little. I used pipe cleaners for the antennae. The butterfly cakes were a huge hit!s first birthday to accommodate … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Cake Ideas and How-To Tips 6

My daughter wanted a butterfly cake for her sixth birthday so I turned to the coolest birthday cakes website for inspiration from all the wonderful submissions. And this is what I came up with. I decided to use my Wilton 12″x18″ sheet pan for each side of this cake (two boxes of yellow mix and … Read more