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Happy Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake

These are 2 different butterfly cakes. The yellow for my mom the pink and yellow for my cousin’s 15th birthday. I looked all over the internet for an interesting cake to make my mom and after seeing some of the other butterfly cakes in here I made my own version of a Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake. SUPER EASY!

For the caterpillar in the center I used 3 cupcakes. For the wings I used 4 heart cakes. I have 2 heart shaped pans so it goes a bit faster. After all the cakes and cupcakes are cooled arrange on your cake board till you get the desired tilt of the wings that you want. Gently lift cupcakes from center and frost top AND sides.

Next frost the hearts. I used twizzlers that I trimmed for the antenna on both cakes, but on one cake I frosted the eyes, on the other I just put a dollop of frosting then set in google eyes. For the mouth on one cake I used a banana shaped candy, the other I used a piece of twizzler.

To add decoration I just used colored sugar and candy sprinkles. Very easy cake to make.

Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake

Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake

Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake

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