April Fools Madagascar Hissing Roach Cake

April fools Madagascar Hissing roach cake

My brother-in-law reaches out to me and plans with me to make a cake for my youngest sister whose birthday falls on it April Fools Day. She has always hated roaches. Because when we lived in Puerto Rico when we were younger she got a huge cockroach stuck in her hair. She laughed so hard … Read more

Coolest Roach Cake

Hissing "Choc"-Roach Cake

My office has a Halloween carry-in every year, for which I like to make something unusual – I’ve made a meatloaf mummy, a haunted house cake, and a “Nightmare Before Christmas” cake, among other things. This year I saw a picture of a roach cake online and thought “that’s a good idea”. But I made … Read more