Coolest and Quickest Eyeball Cake

Homemade Eyeball Cake

My friend, Deann, asked me if I could make her son’s birthday cake this year. She showed me a photo of the cake she wanted and I agreed! I had made something similar for my own son a few years ago, so I pretty much knew what I was doing. Here is how I made … Read more

Coolest Eye Ball Cake

Homemade Eye Ball Cake

My 8 year old son wanted to have a “GROSS” birthday party so we had some gross activities and I made him this gross eye ball cake. It was actually really simple. I baked the cake in a glass bowl so that it would be round. The cake was iced in white, the center is … Read more

Coolest Eye Cake

Coolest Eye Cake Ideas and Photos

I just baked a cake mix in a greased 2 qt. glass-mixing bowl. Then frosted it white and decorated with blue, black and red frosting to look like an eyeball. Read Rikelle’s “Party-Tale”: The story behind the cake…