Coolest Stitched Skin and Eyeball Halloween Cake

Coolest Stitched Skin and Eyeball Halloween Cake

I made this stitched skin and eyeball Halloween cake for my son’s 11th birthday party. He was born in October and he loves all things Halloween. I had never used fondant before so I was a little nervous, but it turned out as I had envisioned it and he LOVED IT! Eyeball Halloween Cake Instructions For … Read more

Coolest Eyeball Cake

Sometime after my son’s 6th birthday, he started saying “eyeball” as an answer to everything. I would say, “what do you want for dinner?”, he would say ,”eyeball.”  I would say “which shirt are you going to wear?” and he would say “eyeball.”  He was just being very silly and sometimes saying “eyeball” for no … Read more

Monster Eye Balls Cake for my Little Sweet Monster

Monster Eye Balls Cake for my Little Sweet Monster

I made this Monster Eye Balls cake for my little sweet Monster. I baked a round chocolate cake covered in orange fondant hair. I used an orange fondant with a clay gun. The eyes I made from green lollipops which I covered in white and orange and black for the eyes. My grandson was ecstatic. He was singing and … Read more

Coolest Orange Monster Cake

Coolest Orange Monster Cake

I did this quick orange Monster cake as my submission for the the Halloween potluck at work.  The cake was a double layer chocolate cake with the orange butter cream in the middle as well.  After stacking, I simply covered it in orange frosting using the “grass” tip. Tedious work, but not too bad.  The … Read more

Coolest Eye Cake

Eye Cake

I saw these eye cakes in a magazine and thought I should try it. So easy and really fun! Using unglazed donut holes (holds frosting really well) and M&Ms these are great for a Halloween party. After looking at the grocery stores for weeks I was unable to find unglazed donut holes. So I went … Read more

Coolest Eyeball Cupcakes

Bloodshot Eyeball Cupcakes

These eyeball cupcakes are so easy to make. I iced cupcakes in white icing. For the center I used Gummy savers and a chocolate chip turned upside down. Then I colored icing red and made the veins. They were a hit at my Halloween party!

Cool Homemade Sperical Eyeball Cake

Eyeball Cake

It was my husband’s birthday. He had never had a Halloween cake so he chose this eyeball cake. I found a Pyrex mixing bowl that you could bake in. It was the perfect shape and used only one cake mix. It was Red Velvet, with White Icing. For the color I used the blue pre-mixed … Read more

Cool Homemade Eyeball Cake With Blood Vessels

Homemade  Eyeball Cake

I made this Eyeball Cake for my stepson’s 8th birthday. This is actually the practice cake, as I have never worked with fondant before. He said he wanted a Cyclops cake, so this is the cake. There will also be a 18 inch cyclops made from rice cereal treats and modeling chocolate (never used those … Read more

Cool Homemade Eyeball Cake Using the Wilton Ball Pan

Homemade Eyeball Cake

I made this Eyeball cake using the ball cake pan. The red is jello. The jello gives it the true blood look. It looks a lot better than red icing. I just poured a little in the bottom of my tray I was using to put the cake on. Put it in the fridge until … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Eyeball Cake

Homemade Eyeball Cake

Every year we have a Halloween party, so this year I wanted to do something different for dessert. After looking at multiple websites I found an Eyeball Cake on here I thought would be fun. I used a red velvet cake mix so it would look like blood after being cut. I baked the cake … Read more

Coolest Homemade 3D Eyeball Cake

Homemade Eyeball Cake

I work at an eye Dr and made this Homemade Eyeball Cake for us for Halloween. Was a hit! Really got everyone into the Halloween spirit Simple MM fondant and molding chocolate was used with gel food coloring. Inside is regular yellow cake and then the very center is red velvet cake. This was made … Read more