Cool 3D Sculpted Sword Cake

Cool 3D Sculpted Sword Cake

This was my first 3D sculpted cake and I’ll tell you what, it’s not as easy as Google search how-to-guides say they are! This took more hours to create than it did potty training my 4 year old. This cake was a life-size replica of the Zar’roc sword from the Eragon movie. It was a … Read more

Coolest Pirate Sword Cake

Coolest Pirate Sword Cake

I was asked to make a pirate themed cake for my friend’s little boy’s 3rd birthday so I made a pirate sword cake. They haven’t seen it yet. The most difficult part was the handle. It’s not perfect but I’m pleased. My little boy kept interrupting me wanting to help but its not the best … Read more

Coolest Homemade Knight Theme Cakes 3

I found a dragon picture in my printing software and printed it out, put wax paper over it and traced it with piping gel (bought at grocery store), using a small dot decorating tip. I let this sit open to air for about 3 days so it would become dry. I prepared a cake from … Read more

Coolest Sword Cake

Sword Cake

My nephew wanted a sword cake but when I went online to get ideas there weren’t any sword cakes. So for those of you looking for ideas here’s one. I started off making a 9×13 cake and I think I made a 8 inch square just to have some extra just in case. When the … Read more

Coolest Sword And Shield Birthday Cake

Homemade Sword And Shield Birthday Cake

This Sword And Shield Birthday Cake was for a family friend on his 13th birthday. The shield shape was easy to do – just cutting a rectangular cake to shape. The cupcakes were simple buttercream with terrific soldier figurines we got at a local cake supply store. The sword itself was made of gum paste … Read more

Cool Knight, Sword and Shield Theme Cake Ideas

Coolest Knight Theme Cakes and How-To Tips

This cake was really simple, two 13×9 cakes trimmed to make the top and bottom of the shield and then “glued” together with frosting. The piping was free hand (can’t you tell?) but I’ve heard of people using chocolate or fondant to be more detailed. You can get more ideas from this site for theme … Read more

Coolest Homemade Knight Theme Cakes 1

The cake was made from two layers each of a 10″ round an 8″ round a 6″ round and a cylindrical bread mold. It was topped with a sugar cone. All layers were held together with dowel rods. The castle sits atop a large body of water with a waterfall that cascades from the moat … Read more