Coolest Princess Party Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Party Castle Cake

The week before the party I baked three 11″x15″ Funfetti Cakes. Let them sit overnight to cool and settle. The next day I stacked the bottom layer with 2 of the cakes, I then cut the 3rd cake in half then trimmed the sides to make two 7.5″ squares, then layered them with butter cream. … Read more

Coolest Castle Cake

Castle Cake

My daughter wanted a castle cake for her birthday party that had an Enchanted theme. We looked on line at this web site to get a few ideas and we put them together and came up with our own creation. I used 2 cakes mixes and made a 9×13 cake and I made the other … Read more

Coolest Castle Cake

Castle Cake

This castle cake is a three tier cake set on a 9X13 rectangular tier. The three castle tiers are covered in pink rolled fondant. The lawn and piped trim are in tinted Wilton icing to match the Disney pink and purple theme colors. I bought the castle candle for the topper, as well as the … Read more

Coolest Castle Cake

Homemade Castle Cake

I used the Wilton castle cake pan and decorated this castle cake with buttercream icing colored with pink and purple gel coloring. This (along with the Snow White cake previously submitted) was my first attempt at cake decorating so I am fully aware that they are not the best! But I hope to get better … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Princess Katies First Castle Birthday Cake

This is the first time that I ever tried to make more than just a plain cake. It was for my daughter’s first birthday and of course it was a princess theme. I got the idea from doing a lot of research of a Castle Birthday Cake and picking and choosing the parts from each … Read more

Hilarious Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

My good friend and neighbor’s son recently turned 21. He does like to spend a lot of time out clubbing and drinking! My friend often finds she has at least two or three of his mates crashed out in in his bedroom in the bed or on the floor! I asked him one day where … Read more

Coolest Disney Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Disney Princess Castle Cake

This Disney Princess Castle Cake was the first cake I have ever made with Regal icing and all the decorating and I am not going to lie, it took a long time to do. Roughly 10 hours over two days! The cake is just a basic Victoria Sponge, one big one (3 layers) and one … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

This is a Castle Birthday Cake I made a few years back. Used the house cake pan for the main part of the castle, sugar cones to make the top of the towers and trees and multi colored candy wafers to shingle the roof and the windows in the castle. I used the string pearl … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

This Castle Birthday Cake is the first time using fondant! I loved it! Had to add side tower at party to heavy to travel. Wanted to be able to eat the whole cake so I baked towers in cans. Mom would make a bread in a coffee can when I was young! This was a … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a special birthday cake for our soon-to-be 1 year old princess. After searching the net for ideas, I put this Castle Birthday Cake together. I wanted to try out using fondant, and used the marshmallow recipe. (1 bag mini marshmallows, 2lbs powdered sugar, 1/2c shortening, 4T water). The base of the … Read more

Coolest Castle Cake

Castle Cake

I made this castle cake for my friend’s little girl who is 2. The whole cake is made from my own home made sponge, plus Swiss roll for the towers. I made the sugar flowers and let them dry hard before attaching them to the cake. I used ice-cream waffle cones for the turrets & … Read more

Coolest Ballerina Cake

Homemade Ballerina Cake

My name is Judy and I made this ballerina cake for my first customer. I have never made a cake to sell, I usually make cakes for my family. I love trying out new things and making cakes is MY NEW THING LOL… So far I have made 4 cakes, including this one. I never … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

I used 8×8 and 6″round cake for the top of this castle birthday cake. I used sugar cones for the top of the tower. The tower was made of fondant and the bottom tier I used fondant on the sides of the cake. And the rest is buttercream. I used colored sugar for glitters.

Coolest Fairy Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Fairy Castle Birthday Cake

This Fairy Castle Birthday Cake is by far the best I have ever created, and was SO much fun too!! I started with baking 4 square cakes and 1 loaf cake (ensure this loaf cake is cooked well, I made the mistake of not doing so, and in the pictures you can see what happened, … Read more

Cool Homemade Monster Book Of Monsters Birthday Cake

Homemade Monster Book Of Monsters Birthday Cake

My husband and I made this Monster Book Of Monsters Birthday Cake for our 1 and 2 year old son’s birthday. They love Harry Potter. We got the idea while watching our nightly dose of Harry before bed time. The cake is half devils food and half yellow cake with chocolate cream and fresh strawberries … Read more

Cool Homemade 1st Birthday Castle Cake

Homemade 1st Birthday Castle Cake

Many years ago my aunty made me a castle cake for my birthday, and I thought it was amazing, so when it came to my own daughter’s 1st birthday I wanted everything to be perfect so I asked my aunty if she could make me a 1st Birthday Castle Cake for her. Well long story … Read more

Coolest Homemade Harry Potter Cake

Homemade Harry Potter Cake

This Harry Potter Cake was for a young lady, Jordan’s birthday. I simply used two 9×13 cake pans. After layers the two cakes, I cut off about three inches off the length of the cake. I iced the sides which were the “pages” with white icing and used a fork to strike the lines for … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

I prepared this Homemade Castle Birthday Cake based on a Wilton romantic castle cake idea. What I did was I covered the towers in Royal Icing and used coarse sanding sugar to give the towers the beautiful texture. I used buttercream icing on the rest of the cake and created vines on it. I created … Read more

Coolest Bubbles Cake

Homemade Bubbles Cake

When my daughter told me that she was planning a ‘Bubble Theme’ birthday party for my 4 year old grandson, my first reaction was “What kind of cake can I make for a Bubble theme?” I even tried to get her to change the theme! Lol After a little research I came up with some … Read more

Cool Homemade Disney Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Disney Princess Castle Birthday Cake

This Disney Princess Castle Birthday Cake was a cake I made for my 5 year old niece. It was made from strawberry and Victoria sponge layers for the castle. The towers were made from Swiss rolls and ice-cream cones decorated in 100’s/1000’s. The castle and towers were imprinted with a brick pattern to make it … Read more

Coolest 4th Birthday Princess Cake

Homemade 4th Birthday Princess Cake

I made this 4th Birthday Princess Cake for my daughter’s 4th princess themed birthday party. The bottom layer is a 10 inch cake, and the upper cake is 6 inches. I stacked the cakes and used pink crepe paper to hide the tier. I used canned frosting, and colored it pink for the detailing. To … Read more