I made this cake Homemade Snowmobile Racing Cake for my grandson’s birthday. He turned 16 and loves snowmobiles and football. The bottom layer is a 15×11 sheet cake. The other layers are two 13×9 curved in the shape of the race track. The figures are made of gumpaste and the snowmobiles I bought online. I wanted to display the road that the Packers had in the play offs, and the great Superbowl win by the Packers.

My son in law loves NY so I had to sink their sled. He didn’t see the humor in it. The rest of the family are Packer fans and they all got a kick out of it. In all of the layers of cake the middle is fulled with Chocolate ganache and the cake is a white cake. The frosting is an Italian Meringue buttercreme. I had a ot of fun making this for him. He loved it and that is all that matters.