Cool Homemade Wishing Well Cakes

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This Wishing Well cake is made for a bridal shower. It is made with three 10-inch rounds stacked. The steps are made out of fondant as well as the wishing well. The trees are from chocolate mold, the pine trees are ice-cream cones…. Thanks for all the amazing cakes on this site! Another Wishing Well … Read more

Coolest Wishing Well Cake

Homemade Wishing Well Cake

When my uncle bought his beach house, the first thing he did was build a wishing well in the garden, so when his birthday came around, I “built” him another one. This homemade wishing well cake was made with two batches of sponge cake (it has to be a nice, firm sponge otherwise it won’t … Read more

Amazing Cakes Shaped Like Wishing Wells 1

I made this cake for my cousin on her last day of chemotherapy. She wanted a cake to take to the hospital for all of her nurses and doctors, to show her appreciation and to wish them well (and thus, the idea for the “wishing well”). I found the idea in the Wilton Celebrate! With … Read more