Awesome Tennis Cake for Three Boys

This awesome tennis cake was made for three boys, all brothers, whom all play tennis. They are all top of their tennis league and will be ones to watch out for when they get a bit older. How neat for them, to share their birthday together. The cake was my favorite .. chocolate mud cake. This one is made … Read more

Coolest Ever Tennis Racquet Cake

Coolest Ever Tennis Racquet Cake

My name is Jenna, and I am certainly not a professional cake decorator; in fact, I made this tennis racquet cake when I was only 14 years old! (I am now 15) When I was 13, I discovered the TV show, Cake Boss, which inspired me to make cakes, and since then I have had … Read more

Coolest Duck/Tennis Cake

Homemade Duck/Tennis Cake

This Homemade Duck/Tennis Cake was made for a Special Olympic Tennis event. Everything is completely edible. The small tennis ducks are made out of fondant from a candy mold. The racket is made out of fondant as well. The net and flags are made out of royal icing and some are fondant.

Coolest Tennis Court Birthday Cake

Homemade Tennis Court Cake

My hubby loves and plays tennis. So, for his 37th birthday, I wanted to create a special design for his birthday cake. I came up with the idea of a tennis court cake. But, I found difficulty in finding a tennis player doll, but I found the net. Then I bought a pair of tennis … Read more

Coolest Tennis Cake

Tennis Cake

I made this tennis cake to take to and share with my friends at the tennis ranch in New Braunfels. I am, after all, a repeat participant at this awesome tennis ranch. So I thought, why not bring an awesome cake to share and, who knows, I may get orders. It was definitely a hit; … Read more

Cool Homemade Tennis Cake

Homemade Tennis Cake

My daughter treated her guests to a private tennis lesson and tennis cake on the court for her seventh birthday. The tennis balls were made of cupcakes. I did take about an inch off the bottoms of the cupcakes to make them look more realistic. The racket was made simply by trimming a round cake … Read more

Coolest Tennis Birthday Cake

Homemade  Tennis Birthday Cake

First I made a half a sheet cake and filled it with chocolate pudding. Then I carved the shape of a tennis racket and dyed my icings separately in all the colors needed. Then I cut out the center piece of the racket. I iced the entire cake with regular white buttercream and then added … Read more

Coolest Tennis Racket Cake

Homemade Tennis Racket Cake

Ryan plays tennis, so this Tennis Racket Cake was for his graduation party. Print a picture of a tennis racket from the internet. Take it to a photocopy store and enlarge it to fit on a 10×14 cake board. The round part has to be less than 9″ wide and less than 13″ long. The … Read more