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Coolest Tennis Racket Cake

Ryan plays tennis, so this Tennis Racket Cake was for his graduation party.

Print a picture of a tennis racket from the internet. Take it to a photocopy store and enlarge it to fit on a 10×14 cake board. The round part has to be less than 9″ wide and less than 13″ long. The handle was too long and narrow, so I drew a shorter, wider handle on the copy. Cut out the racket shape.

Make three 9×13 rectangle cakes. Level the cakes and then stacked two of them, with frosting in between, for the round part of the racket. Cut the third cake in half lengthwise and stack them for the handle. Put them on the board at an angle. Put the cut-out copy of the racket on top and cut around the picture.

Crumb coat the cake and refrigerate for at least two hours. Color some fondant black. Leave some white. Roll out the fondant and cover the round part with white and the handle with black. I then rolled out some black fondant and cut it in strips and put it around the round part of the racket. I also used strips of black fondant laid diagonally across the handle to look like it is wrapped. I made white royal frosting and piped the lines across the racket.

The ball is just a ball of yellow fondant with white fondant strips. The towel is just a layer of blue fondant.

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