Coolest Tennis Cake

I made this tennis cake to take to and share with my friends at the tennis ranch in New Braunfels. I am, after all, a repeat participant at this awesome tennis ranch. So I thought, why not bring an awesome cake to share and, who knows, I may get orders.

It was definitely a hit; everyone was impressed and got a chuckle out of it. The green court was iced with buttercream, and the rest– the pooped out tennis players, rackets, net, and balls were made from rolled fondant. I’d made the fondant elements ahead of time to make them harden a bit.

I used extra wooden skewers to secure this two layers cake to the foamcore cake board, to make sure the cake did not move an inch during our 4 hours drive to the ranch. I was very also very happy that I did not even have to use the extra “fix it” kit (i.e, piping tip, angled spatula and extra buttercream) when we arrived at the ranch. The cake survived the road trip beautifully.

Tennis  Cake

Tennis  Cake

7 thoughts on “Coolest Tennis Cake”

  1. I LOVE your cake. The best I’ve seen so far on tennis!!! WHere did you get those figures? I am planning my mom’s 70th and she plays tennis and I wanted to try and get some of those dolls you put on your beautiful cake.

  2. Hello! This is such a lovely cake. I’ll be making a surprise tennis court cake for my husband and I was at a loss as to how to make the net and racket when I saw yours. Kindly explain how I can make them. Thanks.

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