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Cool Blackhawk’s Hockey Puck

I got a request for this cake from a friend for her Sister’s Birthday.  Just so happened it was in the same two week time period as the “Awesome Tiered Hollywood Theme Cake” and the “Masters Jacket” so to say the least it was a crazy couple of weeks.  But, as I’m sure all who do this for either a living or just a hobby know, it’s all fun!

I saw many images of hockey puck cakes online but thought the 3D logo looked best.  I printed the logo and my wife (since her scissor skills are much better than mine…thanks honey) cut out each section and then I rolled fondant in each color and used the cut out sections as templates.  It took about 6 hours to create the logo because there are a lot of small details and cutouts.  Had a bit of an issue when I went to take the completed logo off of the board which if you zoom in really close can see the wrinkles in the face section :(

The cake was 14″ round x 5-1/2″ tall.  I initially was going to use just two layers but it just didn’t have that “wow factor” I was looking for so I added another layer.  Just didn’t think it looked very “puck-like.”  I iced and refrigerated the 3 layered behemoth overnight and covered the top with a circle of black fondant.  Then I rolled out a 2-1/2 foot x 5″ sheet of fondant and used a wilton burlap texture roller to try and create the texture on the side.  It was light but still noticeable.  I wrapped the fondant around the rolling pin and carefully covered the sides.  My biggest concern was the fondant falling off the sides but it stuck very well and I used a little water and a small paintbrush to “glue” the sides and top together.

The letters are simply fondant cutouts.

So, that is the last of my three amazing cakes…for now…stay tuned for more :)

Cool Blackhawk's Hockey Puck