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Coolest Habs Hockey Puck Cake

For this Habs Hockey Puck Cake, I used my regular chocolate cake recipe (from Baker’s Chocolate) and baked two 8″ round cakes. Between my layers, instead of icing, I put a filling made of white chocolate, cream and butter. I had trouble making it stay on the cake (even with a “wall” of icing around the cake) because it was too warm when I put it. After a while in the freezer, it stayed in the middle and everyone liked that.

Then, I prepared buttercream icing. I used the recipe on the Wilton website (I only used butter and no vegetable shortening). I also made rolled marshmallow fondant with the recipe found on the Wilton website.

Then, I coloured part of my fondant black and rolled it out to put it on the cake. After, I coloured my fondant Royal Blue and Red. For the logo, I used a shirt I had and traced it on parchment paper. I cut out all my pieces and transferred it to my fondant. I used a knife to cut around my paper on fondant and transferred all the shapes on the cake.

Overall, I think the longest part was to actually trace and cut out my pieces of parchment paper. Paying attention to details was well worth it!

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