Cool Blackhawk’s Hockey Puck

Cool Blackhawk's Hockey Puck

I got a request for this cake from a friend for her Sister’s Birthday.  Just so happened it was in the same two week time period as the “Awesome Tiered Hollywood Theme Cake” and the “Masters Jacket” so to say the least it was a crazy couple of weeks.  But, as I’m sure all who do … Read more

Coolest Flyers Cake

Coolest Flyers Cake

I made this Flyers cake for a  friend’s birthday party. He loves the Flyers so I decided on the Flyers logo. I used a full sheet pan and made a white cake with butter cream icing. I crumb coated the cake then covered it with white butter cream icing. I traced the Flyers logo with … Read more

Coolest Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Cake

Coolest Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Cake

I made this  Toronto Maple Leafs fan cake for my twin brother’s birthday!  He is an avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan! His favorite is carrot cake so that is what I made. I whipped up some cream cheese flavored frosting for the crumb coat and filled between cake layers. Then made cream cheese fondant following a marshmallow fondant recipe … Read more

Coolest Boston Bruins’ Jersey Cake For My 40th Birthday Party

Coolest Boston Bruins' Jersey Cake For My 40th Birthday Party

My wife took on this Boston Bruins’ jersey cake to add something special to my 40th birthday party.  It was a trimmed slab cake covered in fondant and each detail was carved by hand.  My wife spent 8+ hours on this cake and rather than use her letter cutouts, she stayed authentic to the jersey font.  … Read more

Boston Bruins Hockey Jersey Cake

Boston Bruins Hockey Jersey Cake

This Boston Bruins Hockey Jersey cake was made for my nephew who is one amazing hockey player and also LOVES the Boston Bruins!! When my sister-in-law asked me to make his cake for him I was honored. I knew it needed to be hockey related and BB’s. I carved the cake like a jersey and then … Read more

Jets Hockey Birthday Cake

Jets Hockey Birthday Cake

A boy that I have been looking after in my home day care since he was one wanted a Jets birthday cake. He really loves the Jets. He cashed in big at Christmas time with all kinds of Jets merchandise. So for his 6th birthday his Mom asked if I could make a Jets cake … Read more

Boston Bruins Banner Cake

Boston Bruins Banner Cake

This Boston Bruins Banner cake was for my brother’s birthday. He is a big Boston Bruins fan and had hinted to me that he would like a Bruins cake for his birthday. The cake was a vanilla cake 9×13. For the icing I made the Wilton recipe for butter cream frosting. I transferred the design I wanted with … Read more

Cool Homemade Hockey Cake

Hockey Shootout

To make this fun hockey cake, I baked a standard 9×13 cake (whatever type your kid likes). After it cooled, I frosted it with white fluffy frosting and smoothed it out to get the look of ice. I used 5 of my son’s hockey guys and the goals on top of the cake. He wanted … Read more

Coolest Hockey Skate Cake

Homemade Hockey Skate Cake

The cake is 11 x 15 Wilton cake pan. It uses 2 store bought cake mixes. The cake is iced with Wilton’s buttercream icing and layered with icing as well. The skate and puck are made from rice krispie squares recipe and shaped. Fondant icing is used to cover the skate and puck. Everything is … Read more

Coolest Hockey Sticks Cake

Hockey Sticks Cake

My son was really big into hockey last year, so of course he wanted a hockey cake. I didn’t think I could make the Maple Leafs logo so I made these two hockey sticks with two pucks. I traced my son’s mini sticks (plastic mini hockey sticks) onto cardboard boxes and cut them out. I … Read more

Coolest Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

Homemade Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

I made this Toronto Maple Leafs Cake for family members moving to Toronto. It was the farewell party cake. It’s 2 11 x 15 cake with buttercream icing in the middle. I used plastic dowel rods so the cake would not move to much while being transported to the location. I covered the cake with … Read more

Coolest Hockey Cake

Homemade Hockey Cake

I made this hockey cake for my husband who is a huge Montreal Canadians fan. The cake is four layers of devils food cake with a chocolate ganache filling. I made the ganache just by adding heated heavy cream to chocolate chips, let it cool and then whipped until thick. The cake is covered in … Read more

Coolest Cake for Hockey Fan

Homemade Cake for Hockey Fan

I made this cake for my hockey billet. This was my second attempt at being creative with fondant after watching the cake shows on TV. Skate was formed using rice crispies molded in the shape of a skate and covered with fondant. I cut holes in the fondant to lace up the skate using just … Read more

Cool Homemade Hockey Jersey Cake

Homemade Hockey Jersey Cake

I made this Hockey Jersey Cake for my son’s hockey windup party. It’s just a regular cake mix. I used buttercream icing. I actually had to freeze the cake for a week due to the weather. The party was postponed. I have to say that it tasted just a fresh as the day I would … Read more

Coolest Montreal Canadiens Ice Cream Cake

Homemade Montreal Canadiens Ice Cream Cake

This Montreal Canadiens Ice Cream Cake is actually an ice cream cake, and the first one like it I had ever made! To make it I baked and froze 2 9×11 chocolate cakes. First, I iced the top layer. I wanted to make it look like a Canadiens Hockey jersey. I used Wilton “No Taste … Read more

Coolest Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake

Homemade  Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake

I made this Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake for my son’s AA MIdget Raider Hockey Wind UP. I used 6 9×13 cakes layered with a raspberry cream filling to make 3 cakes. Two were laid out horizontally with the third one cut in half to shape for the arms. I printed the logo off the … Read more

Coolest Philadelphia Flyers Birthday Cake

Homemade Philadelphia Flyers Birthday Cake

My boyfriend Marc is an absolute diehard Flyers fan! So, when I asked him if he wanted a Philadelphia Flyers Birthday Cake, I knew by his reaction there was no backing out. The things you will need: One piping tip, one flower tip or two (one for each color), one sheet cake pan, one 8×8 … Read more

Coolest Boston Bruins Hockey Cake

Homemade Boston Bruins Hockey Cake

This Homemade Boston Bruins Hockey Cake was done for my son’s birthday. He is a Bruins’ fan. I just baked a round cake (12″), cut in two layers and filled with buttercream. I printed a logo I found online on a normal piece of paper and placed it on the already dirty iced cake; and … Read more

Coolest Montreal Canadians Cake

Homemade Montreal Canadians Cake

I decided to make this Montreal Canadians Cake (hockey) for a little boy (day care where our daughter goes)who’s a fan of that hockey team.

Cool Homemade Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

Homemade Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

My cousin loves the Maple Leafs. So for her birthday I made her a Toronto Maple Leafs cake. I found a picture of their logo, enlarged it, and printed it out so I could use it as a guideline. I cut the cake out, piped the blue icing on first, then smoothed it out with … Read more

Coolest Hockey Themed Cake

Homemade Hockey Themed Cake

This Homemade Hockey Themed Cake was done for my son’s team “End of Season” party. I baked 3 round cakes in different sized cake pans (12″, 10″ and 6″). The cake recipe is a chocolate recipe I make from scratch and I filled it with vanilla custard, also made from scratch. The colors of the … Read more

Coolest Habs Sweater Cake

Homemade Habs Sweater Cake

My boys are all hockey players and big Habs fans. My middle son turned 5 yesterday, and asked for a “#5″ cake. I didn’t want to just make the number, since that wouldn’t have been a challenge, so I made him a Habs sweater cake with the number 5 on it. I started with two … Read more

Coolest Habs Hockey Puck Cake

Homemade Habs Hockey Puck Cake

For this Habs Hockey Puck Cake, I used my regular chocolate cake recipe (from Baker’s Chocolate) and baked two 8″ round cakes. Between my layers, instead of icing, I put a filling made of white chocolate, cream and butter. I had trouble making it stay on the cake (even with a “wall” of icing around … Read more

Coolest Oilers Birthday Cake

Homemade Oilers Birthday Cake

I wanted to surprise my husband for his 30th birthday. His favorite NHL hockey team is the Oilers. So I thought I would make him an Oilers cake. I hand drew the symbol on paper that would fit on an 9×13 cake. Once drawn I had made 2 copies for templates. I cut each template … Read more