Cool Camper Birthday Cake

I absolutely love baking and decorating cakes…especially for my family members! In my family, I make everyone’s cakes for their birthdays and special events. This cake is one of my very favorite cakes I have made and definitely one that had the most sentimental value. It was made for my grandad on his 80th birthday. My granddad’s 80th birthday was approaching and my mom and aunts wanted to give him a birthday party.

I could not decide what kind of cake I wanted to make! I knew I wanted something that would be special not only to my grandad, but the entire family. After weeks of going back and forth on ideas, I finally settled on a camper trailer. My grandparents used to own a 1975 Shasta camper. Their favorite past time has always been to travel in their camper and see the country. When my sisters, cousins, and myself were younger my grandparents would take us on a trip every year in their Shasta camper.

We would decide, as a family, where we wanted to go each year and save money all year long for our trip. We planned every day if each trip. We went to Disney Land, New Mexico, Mt. Rushmore, Colorado, and many other places in this camper. We each had our own “assigned” beds in the camper and my grandparents bought us our own sleeping bags too. Several generations got to make so many memories in the Shasta camper.

I had so much fun making this cake. My husband built the stand for it to sit on because I wanted it to set up off the table and be able to move. I had my grandmother find a picture of it so that I could set the picture next to it on the table at the party. Everyone loved the cake and it was perfect for the party!