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Coolest Baby Stroller Cake

I made this baby stroller cake for a friend at work and his wife who were expecting their first child. They absolutely loved it and I was asked to make a second one for a couple who were expecting twin girls, which is the cake I’m posting.

I first started with a 1/2 sheet cake layer. I used a very large bowl to trace the round shape on to cardboard and then used a small knife to cut the shape of the cake(lay cardboard on top of cake and press down lightly: easier to make a straight cut when cardboard is not in the way).

After carving the cake into what I was going for, I cut a wedge out where the head would go. I cut half way through the cake and removed the top of the cake. I wouldn’t recommend removing the whole wedge.

For the wheels I used jumbo cupcakes and cut just a tad out of stroller bottom so the wheels looked more real (use the cupcake to measure how much you need to remove for them to fit perfectly).

The handle is made of cake pieces I had left over from stroller. Not to difficult. Just use your imagination to shape it.

I then iced to whole thing in cool whip icing. I used star tips for decorating the pink and white. Of course you can decorate anyway you like. I didn’t have a picture to go by. I used the little stroller cake topper you see in the picture as a guide.

Oh, and I forgot to add that the stroller is filled with strawberry filling; the wheels Bavarian cream. It’s a little more difficult with filling. Cut stroller in half after carving, use cool whip icing to outline the middle and put filling inside the cool whip border. Replace the top of cake and same for wheels. Then handle, then ice cake.

It seems like a lot of work but its so worth it!

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