Coolest Bag with Make Up Cake

First I had some fun creating some make-up, from Liquorice Allsorts, and chewy fruit sweets, a couple of orange matchmakers and some melted chocolate. The mascara end was dipped in chocolate then gently coaxed in chocolate strands to give the brush effect.

The bag cake is a 9″ round sandwich cake with jam and butter cream filling. I cut about 2″ across to give me a flat bottom, which I stuck on the board. This gave me the semicircle I needed for the main bag shape. After crumb coating the cake I made a template with baking paper, using the tin I baked in, and rolled out my pink icing. I cut 2 of the semicircles and covered each side of the cake. Before I put the front piece in place, I marked with a diamond pattern. Then I rolled out a length to fit between the front and back and gently pinched the edges together.

Roll some icing out thinly, to use as piping, this will cover your joins. The handles are rolls of icing with some strands of confectioners wire to hold the shape. This is the only part of the cake that cannot be eaten (and bow of course). When you coax the wire into the icing, make sure you leave an inch or wire each end, as this will go into the cake. I put the silver balls in each cross on the front of the bag to pretty it up a bit. After I rolled out the white icing..very thinly, I used it like material, and draped it round the cake, then placed all the pieces of make-up at the front. Although you can’t see it very clearly, I did make a zip with some white icing, and placed it gently from half way up and over the top.