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Coolest Clifford Birthday Cake Design

I made this Clifford Birthday Cake Design for my son’s second birthday. I made Clifford out of Rice Krispie treats and the doghouse out of cake. I made Clifford from one 9×13 pan of rice crispie treats. I cut two long thin strips (about 1″ wide) for his legs. I cut two bigger strips (about 3″ wide) and stacked one on top of the other.

Then I cut 3″ squares (two or three) and stacked them on the 3″ strips for his head. I rounded his head and added some rice krispies in the front to shape where his head meets his nose. I used a tool to make creases in his paws and around his mouth. I covered his legs with fondant and then covered his head with fondant.

I used the same tool to make the same grooves in the fondant on his paws and head. I cut out fondant ovals for his eyes and added a black fondant nose. I sketched an ear shape and used it as a stencil to cut his ears out of red fondant.

For the doghouse, I baked three cakes in a 9×13 pan. Two of the cakes I cut in half and stacked up to form the bottom of the doghouse. The third cake I cut in half, and then cut one half into two smaller pieces (leaving two pieces that were roughly 2/3 and 1/3 of the half). I stacked those three pieces up and then cut them to look like a slanted roof. I put the bottom two layers on a cake board, the next two layers on a cake board, and the top three layers on a cake board. I used dowel rods to support the layers. I covered each side of the doghouse individually with fondant. I used a tool to make grooves in the fondant to look like siding. I did the same with the roof, but made squares to look like shingles.

I made my own fondant, marshmallow fondant, which was really easy to make. It did take a while, and a lot of no taste red gel, to get the fondant the right color of red. I put the roof in the refrigerator before I carved it. I sketched everything out on paper before I started and cut pieces out of the paper to use as stencils for Clifford. It took several hours to make, but my son was very happy with it!


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