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Coolest Color Flow Clifford Cake

This was a color flow Clifford cake I made for my son’s 3rd birthday. He loves puppies and asked for a red cake, so I immediately thought of Clifford!

This was also my first attempt at using color flow icing (the Clifford is done in color flow.) Tricky stuff, but excellent once you get the hang of getting the consistency just right. I was actually inspired to use color flow from another poster here! I’d never even heard of color flow until I read her description, so I researched it online, watched a couple YouTube videos, and after a few trials, here’s the final result!

The rest of the cake is frosted in butter cream icing, and the “Happy Birthday” letters are candy molds. They were the easiest part of the cake to make!

I surrounded the cake with cupcakes frosted in butter cream icing and accented with fondant dog bones. I thought they’d be a nice touch to the cake and add more variety. The cake is chocolate with chocolate butter cream filling, and the cupcakes are yellow with lemon filling. Good stuff!

Homemade Color Flow Clifford Cake

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