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Coolest Dump Truck

I made this dump truck cake for my three year old Will’s birthday. The idea actually came from a Wilton book. I was looking through the book when Will spotted the dump truck. He is fascinated by big trucks and tractors. I decided to give it a try. It was my third fondant cake.

The cake is a simple golden, butter cake with buttercream icing. I honestly don’t remember how many layers I baked. I built the back first. It’s a very simple square cake covered with yellow fondant. I didn’t hollow the truck out or anything. I shaped the front and covered it with red fondant. The layers were a little too soft and didn’t hold the fondant up like I wanted, hence, the wrinkled in the “cab” of the truck.

The tires are fondant covered pieces of cake, as well. I baked a thin layer and used cookie cutters to keep each tire’s size consistent. The “dirt” is Oreos and chocolate chip cookies. I used both because I wanted a brown colored “dirt” that would be good sprinkled on ice cream.

My son loved the cake!! So much, in fact, he still asks where it went. Maybe next time, I’ll try for a tractor.

Dump Truck Cake

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