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Cool Homemade Fire Truck Cake

My son REALLY wanted a fire truck birthday party and a fire truck cake to go with it. I searched the internet for ideas. I baked an 11×15 yellow cake and cut it in half the long way. Then I cut about 3 inches off the ends of the long pieces. The two long pieces were stacked to make the truck body and then the two small pieces were stacked side by side on top of the long pieces to make the cab. I covered it with red frosting first then piped on the black. I combined the black with some extra white to make gray and then piped on the gray. Then I put the white icing on top to attach the “lights” and piped in the windows (it’s easier to do the outline of the windows in gray before filling it in with white). I colored the remaining frosting yellow to add the rest of the accents as well as the writing. I used oreos for the wheels, licorice for the “ladder”, M&Ms for the controls, Juju Bees for the lights on top and Mike & Ikes for the tail lights. Everything else is frosting. Make sure you have a sturdy base to put it on. I used doubled up, thick cardboard and covered it with foil. My son loved it!!

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