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Awesome Homemade 4 Tiered Elmo Birthday Cake Idea

I made a three tier cake using, each tier layered with chocolate cherry cake and butter vanilla cake with peanut butter icing for this Elmo Birthday Cake Idea. I covered them with fondant then used cookie cutters to put shapes on them. Since it was my son’s second birthday, I put a two on the top tier.

I always bake my cakes two days before, wrap them well with cellophane then refrigerate them. This ensures that the cakes are not too soft and delicate. I also used dowels as you would for a tiered cake.

After debating whether or not to use a 3-D bear mold for Elmo, and carve it to shape, I decided to make him out of Rice Cripsy Treats. They are lighter and easier to mold/carve. Elmo’s eyes are made out of fondant and I made a cut in his head and covered it in black fondant for his mouth. His arms are also Rice Crispy treats with a dowel for support.

Using a star tip, I piped tinted butter cream icing on Elmo to give him a furry look. I also made a thin tray of treats and using cookie cutters cut out “Happy Birthday Andrew” and arranged them around the bottom layer. I airbrushed the lettering around the cake to make it match Elmo.

Needless to say, I got many compliments and there was not a scrap of cake left (I only had 30 guests!). My son loved his cake and to me, that is all that matters.