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Coolest Girl Skull Birthday Cake Design

My niece was turning one and I was thrilled that my sister-in-law gave me complete creative control over the birthday cake! Making cakes is a hobby of mine but it’s ALWAYS by request so I was thrilled to have a chance to make whatever I wanted! I really cannot tell you how I came up with this Girl Skull Birthday Cake Design but I have always loved sugar skulls and recently skulls have grown in popularity even with girls so that’s what I made, a “girl skull” complete with rosy cheeks, heart shaped eye sockets and a flower in her hair. I made a larger round cake and decorated is as a flower for the rest of the guests t partake of while the birthday girl got to have the skull cake all to herself.

To make this cake I made a 6″ round cake (I used a boxed yellow cake mix) and simply cut out the sides, creating cheeks and frosted away. It was an overall simple process…I used homemade buttercream with some fresh lemon juice and zest added in and filled the cake with pineapple/appricot preserves. To get the heart shaped eyes and nose I made an imprint on the icing with small heart shaped cookie cutters and filled them in with store bought black frosting in a tube.

Lastly I sculpted the flower using store bought, pre-tinted fondant and the center is an M&M. I love cheating here and there!

Homemade Girl Skull Birthday Cake Design

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  1. HI I was wondering how many cake mix you used it says 2 but I was wondering if you ussed a regular dish or u made it on the deep cookie dish ? if you could please get back to me asap the bday is tom. also for the fondant can I use white and jsut add food coloring to i t?


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