Coolest Iggle Piggle Birthday Cake

This homemade Iggle Piggle birthday cake was baked as a baking tin sized cake (about 20cm X35cm). It took 2 Betty Crocker super moist vanilla cake mixes.

I enlarged the outline design from a colouring book picture, then tooth picked it onto the cooled (refrigerated) cake. Then cut out the shape. Cutting the head completely separately so I could make it a big higher.

Using a light blue tinted butter cream, I ‘crumb coated’ the cake – A layer of icing to hold all the crumbs on. Then placed the cake in the fridge for 15mins. I applied another layer of butter cream, this time tinting half a little darker. Smoothing the surface with a warm knife.

The blanket, top of head, eyes, mouth and nose are cut out of rolled fondant (just the white orchard icing from the supermarket) that I have tinted.

The hair is also out of rolled fondant but a toothpick (you could use a piece of raw spaghetti) is inserted into each piece, to place them into the cake.

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