Coolest Itsy Bitsy Spider Birthday Cake

I was about to tackle my granddaughters second birthday cake, an Itsy Bitsy Spider birthday cake. I started by making flowers, lots and lots of flowers. Next was the task of making 2 small black spiders and one large one for the cake top. The legs on these little critters just kept falling off, toothpicks, fondant, GLUE, nothing kept them on all at once. I was always too impatient to let them dry.

I lost a leg in my morning coffee and to the dog who gobbled up the little black candy leg as it was a treat. lol It took me a total of 2 weeks to get all of my parts together but when it was assembled, everyone thought it was wonderful! By the time it was  over I had made flower cupcakes and cookies too, along with my granddaughter’s own small organic Itsy Bitsy cake! Wish my pictures were better!


Charlottes organic itsy bitsy!

happy birthday 2 you Charlotte