My 6 year old granddaughter, found a Frozen Cake tutorial, on YouTube.  She would show it to me over and over. Asking if it was too hard for me to make. I always said it was too hard, because I had never decorated a cake before and didn’t even have any cake decorating tools.

When her 7th Birthday was a week away, she showed it to me again, and asked if I would make it.  I told her yes, but only if she helped me. She was excited and said she didn’t care what it looked like, she wanted it for her Birthday Cake. So I bought a couple of cake mixes and looked up how to make Cake icing.

She helped every step of the way. I used plastic baggies with the tip cut off, to pipe the snowflakes and dress trim. The cake turned out great. It was a big hit at the Birthday party.

Everyone love it, especially the Birthday girl! The prize money would come in handy to buy cake decorating tools, so we could enjoy decorating more cakes together. Thanks for the consideration!