Coolest King Kong Cake

I made a large rectangle cake using 2 packet cakes. I needed a little more batter to make a small round cake in a cereal bowl (I used a 3rd packet cake mix and ended up with a spare bit of cake for just in case as I didn’t have a definite plan when I started).

Using the large rectangle (frozen) cake, I cut the top corners off to make the top of King Kong’s head. I then cut the small round cake in half and positioned it where the mouth should be. I stuck the halves on an angle after I carved a little more cake in an arc shape to make the inside of the mouth.

The rest is icing. I made butter icing with black food dye (it took an entire 50ml bottle of colouring in a mixture of approx 3 cups of icing sugar and 250gm butter) I used a little red/pink icing for inside his mouth.

I used fondant to make the tongue, teeth and eyeballs, and the eyebrows which are coated in the icing. I was heavy handed with the black icing to build up features on the face such as around the eyes and his fur and to cover the seams where the mouth is stuck to the face.

This homemade King Kong cake was a hit. My 6 year old son requested that King Kong looked scary!

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