Coolest Minions Cakes

I know so many minion cakes have been popping up, but I hope mine will make the grade as the coolest!

I used five 20cm (8′) round cakes to build up the height. I carved the top one to give it the rounded shape. It is a lovely vanilla cake, with vanilla butter cream. I thought it best to dowel the bottom two and add a board underneath the top three layers. Then I was nervous about covering these cakes, but it worked out well, thankfully!

Now the face and the rest. Well, you can basically give your minion any expression and it will be fitting. The first time I played it safe and made it quite straightforward, in other words, plain-ish. The second time I played around with the eyes and mouth, giving it character and an interesting expression.

The dungarees were done before the face though, making sure it wasn’t too high so I could fit in a mouth. I also “stitched” the edges and seams with a Taylor’s stitching marker. The goggles were made like this: a grey circle for the base, a smaller white circle for the eye part, then another grey circle with the middle cut out, the same size as the white. I never did the detail around it as in the actual character, but one can take the detail pretty far with a minion. The black strap is also “stitched” on the edges for interest and realistic detail.

The first one’s hair is fondant rolled in my palms, narrower toward one end and toothpicks pushed inside. The second one’s hair is extruded with a metal clay extruder. Available at hobby shops, it is much cheaper to buy than the fancy ones sold at baking shops. I find covering my boards add aesthetic value and a grounding base for every cake. It gives a really nice finish and I would recommend covering boards to all baking/decorating enthusiasts.

So I love my minions and hope you do too. Ain’t they just the coolest? LOL!

Giggling Minion