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12+ Coolest Minnie Mouse Cake Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Minnie Mouse cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Minnie Mouse cake ever. Good luck!

Cool Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Carol B.

Cool Minnie Mouse Cake

I saw this on Pinterest and knew my great niece would like a Minnie Mouse cake for her fourth birthday – she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This was a last minute cake – I received notice of the event the night before at nine for a next day event at my house at 5 pm! Whew!

I pulled out my 12″ round and 6″ round wedding cake pans (2″ deep). I used a large oblong cutting board instead of a corrugated cake board to be sure the cake would all fit. Then I mixed up two vanilla cake mixes for the 12″ round (the body) and 1 milk chocolate cake mix for the 6″ round (the ears).  Note: I had about two cups of vanilla batter and 1/2 cup of chocolate batter left over.

I purchaed two containers of chocolate fudge icing for the ears and mixed up some buttercream icing using 1 pound of confectioners sugar and Wilton’s  recipe and tinted it pink for the skirt. The white dots are marshmallows. The hardest part was icing the ears while they are sitting near the body.

I made a ruffled skirt from fabric and added white round stickers to it – stuck it to my lazy susan with rolled up duct tape then put the cake on it. I made the bow with some pink dotted ribbon and floral wire. Next I put some wax paper on the cake to keep the ribbon out of the icing.

I almost forgot to write her name on the cake – lol – and grabbed my icing bag quick! We put the candles just above her name. My niece was so excited when she saw her cake she immediately started pulling marshmallows off the skirt! She insisted we cut her daddy a piece of cake – and he’s deployed!

Cool Minnie Mouse Cake

Cool Minnie Mouse Cake

Cool Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse Face Cake

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Annie-O

Homemade Minnie Mouse Face Cake

My daughter said she wanted a Minnie Mouse cake for her 5th birthday so I thought I would give it a go. I looked on this site and got lots of inspiration from others that have already done a really good job so I thought I would have a try.

My mother made the cakes for me – 3 Victoria sponges, 1×8 inch for the face and 2×6 inch for the ears. We then cut each cake in half and covered it in jam to give it some more flavor. Then came the fun!…

I managed to find ready to roll icing in black so the ears were both quite straight forward – roll the icing out, cover the cake with hot jam, put the icing on top, pat round and cut off any surplus. I used icing sugar on the kitchen surface to stop the icing sticking as I rolled it out; some icing sugar went on top of the ‘ears’ but we just wiped it over with a damp cloth and they came up nice and clean.

Next for the face, I kneaded some ivory coloring into the white, ready to roll icing to make a nicely colored face. I probably used too much coloring but never mind. I covered the whole cake with this icing, in the same way as I did the smaller ones, and that was quite easy. However, the next part took a loooong time. I rolled out some more black icing and cut it round to make the hairline. I did this several times but cold not get it to look right.

One reason was that I was just putting the hair on top of the face and not round the side – bad idea. Eventually I cut up a cardboard template and made half the hairline and the side of the hair in one cutting. Then I did the other side and just cut and smoothed the joins. The middle was a bit messy but it got covered up by the bow.

Mum and I made lots of different eyes and mouths before we were happy with the results but eventually we got there. I had some black food coloring which I used for the eye lashes, to line the eyes and for other bits of detail on the face. The whole thing took three and a half hours!

Finally there was the bow. Someone recommended that I make a bow a few days in advance to give it some time to dry out and so hold its shape. Unfortunately though the first one I made was too small and thin and just cracked so I made a really big one and then put it in the airing cupboard to dry out overnight. It looked OK but I had the same problem as one of the other ladies and had to prop it up at the back so it didn’t fall down. We used cardboard and foil to make a stand.

I put little blobs of icing at the top of the cake board and stuck the candles in there, rather than spoil Minnie’s face. I must say I was thrilled with the result. Close up you could see little imperfections which haven’t really come out on the photo but all in all it was a great success and 5 year old’s are very forgiving…she loved it!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Design

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Jamie T.

Homemade Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Design

My daughter just loves Minnie Mouse and anything that sparkles and is girly. So a Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Design seemed simple enough to make, with one big round pan and one at least 1/3 smaller for the ears. However, I noticed in a lot of homemade character cakes (especially ones with such defined features), if spacing is off just a little, like the distance between the eyes or from the eyes to the nose, it makes the character look skewed or a little funny.

So I came up with a plan. I printed a picture of Minnie’s face, directly facing forward as big as I could on standard paper from the internet. Believe it or not, finding a good pic took almost as long as making the cake because in most pictures her head is turned. Then I used the squares or graph method like you see in children’s learn how to draw books. After I made the checkerboard guide on my printout, I traced the outline of my large pan onto parchment paper. Then I scaled my checkerboard pattern up until I had the same number of squares on my circle of parchment as I did the printout.

I drew her features onto the parchment in the matching grids and then using a toothpick, punched little guide holes around all the lines on her face and cut it out. After my cake cooled, I frosted it with a layer of peach toned buttercream, placed the parchment stencil on the cake, and using the toothpick again, punched through the guide holes once more to transfer the outlines onto the peach frosted cake. I frosted the two ears using a basic decorating tip and using the picture as my guide positioned them above her face. Then I traced all her features in black and filled in her nose and mouth but left the inside of the eyes empty as well as her tongue. I opted to fill in her eyes with white shimmering flakes, then frosted in the pupils and used two round white sprinkles for the eye highlights.

I also used white flakes for the nose highlight. Then I used red crystal sprinkles for the inside of her tongue. Her bow is pink colored fondant with hot pink food color painted circles and then I dusted it in edible shimmer powder.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Elaine P.

Coolest Minnie Mouse Cake

My 2-year-old daughter is recently obsessed with Minnie Mouse, so I whipped this one up for her. I baked two separate cakes — one cherry chip and one yellow — in an 14.5x11x2-inch pan. I layered the cakes with icing in the middle. Then I placed a 5-inch circle in the top corners and used a super sharp knife to cut out two circles for Minnie’s ears. I used a sketch of Minnie I drew to cut out the shape of her face in the remaining part of the cake (tracing paper makes it easier; you can also print out an image online to use if you can’t sketch very well.)

I then made slight cutouts in the top of the cake for the ears to fit in. Then I the whole cake in white vanilla icing. I use black decorating icing to pipe out the facial details. I used crushed chocolate Graham crackers to fill in the large black areas (hair). Next I added a real pink polka-dot bow between the ears to top it off. She loved it!

Coolest Minnie Mouse Cake

Cute Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Shelly W.

Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Who wouldn’t like a Minnie Mouse birthday cake for their 2nd birthday?  The recipient of this cake was over the moon!  She is a girly girl and this mouse needed to rock a pink dress.

I made Minnie completely out of fondant covered in rice krispie squares that were molded into shape. It took several days to add things to her so they had time to dry. I placed her on the top using a dowel that was placed all the way into the cake to support her weight. I used royal icing to secure her to the dowel.

Next I carefully steamed the fondant figure so it had a nice shine to it. I wrapped two different colored ribbons around the cake to give it a finishing touch. Brooklyn was so pleased with her cake!

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Teri D.

This cake was made a first birthday party with a Minnie Mouse theme.  The cake is a yellow cake with butter cream icing.  The 2 tier size is a 10″ double layer on the bottom and a 6″ double layer on top.  The smash cake is a single layer 4 inch cake.

The dots, ribbon and bows on the cake are made from homemade marshmallow fondant. The large minnie mouse  ears on the top of the cakes are made in Rice Krispie Treats and then covered in black marshmallow fondant and put on lollipop sticks so they would stand up when placed in the cake (and on a side note they made 4 fun Rice Krispie Treats Pops for the kids).

The minnie mouse heads on the sides of the top tier were simply circles of marshmallow fondant cut with Wilton Circle Cut-Out fondant cutters using with 1 medium circle and 2 small circles for each head (tip I did flatten the small circles slightly to make them a little bigger so the proportions were better.  I did place a few royal icing flowers on cake, but these could also be made in buttercream icing.

The bows I did on this cake are simple flat bows… made when you cut out a rectangle of fondant and pinch the center, then cut a small strip to match and wrap around the center where you pinched…voila you have a bow.  You could also make the bow using loops or choose from several other types of bows just pick your preference.  This was a lot of fun to make.  I think the simplicity of the design is what makes this cake so pretty to look at.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse Cake

My 3year old wanted a Minnie mouse cake. I used a square white sponge cake. Copied the picture off the internet, enlarged and cut the cake accordingly.

I used a plain icing: 1 cup icing sugar, 200g white Woodenspoon butter, 5 ml of vanilla essence and a bit of boiling water.

I first did the face and ribbon before starting on the black ears.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Anne P.

Homemade Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

I made this Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake for the little girl over the road, she was having a fancy dress party for her fourth birthday and she was going as Minnie Mouse.

I made an eight inch and a six inch cake, put jam and butter cream in them, put butter cream on the outside and let it set in the fridge. Then I covered the cakes with white sugar paste and let it dry overnight. I mixed red color paste with the the white sugar paste and rolled it out as thin as I could, then I cut circles out with a scone cutter took the centers out and frilled with a cocktail stick.

Next I cut them in the middle to make a long frill and stuck them to the cake in layers so it looked like a dress. I made the head and body from marzipan which I colored with paste. Made the bow and some dots with white sugar paste and this is the end result.

Meikah was absolutely thrilled with it. Every one loved it and I may be making some more soon.

Homemade Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Minnie Cake

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Maryelli

Homemade Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

This Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake was an easy two tiers cake. It was made of chocolate and strawberry. The fondant is marshmallow and confectioner sugar. The ears at the top is rounded foam covered with butter cream frosting and fondant.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Kim

Homemade Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

I made this Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake for a friend’s niece that was going to Walt Disney World for her honeymoon. This is a Wilton Minnie mouse shaped pan.

I put it on a sheet cake that was iced. Minnie mouse is decorated using tip 16 and 3.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Minnies Mouse Cupcakes

This was an easy but elegant cupcake. I used pearl sprinkles, Oreo for the ears, I piped pink chocolate ribbons and used butter cream icing! The chocolate I used was the Wilton melting candy chocolates. I used a red polka dot baking paper liners. This was for my neices 2nd birthday party.

Minnie Mouse Cake Idea

Minnie Mouse cake submitted by Chrissy R.

Homemade Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

This is a two tier Minnie mouse cake. The Minnie is a toy, and besides the ribbon, everything else is edible. The car is rice krispies covered in fondant, with an edible gelatin flower on top. The bows and ears are fondant/ gum paste. Edible disco dust is sprinkled on top.

I used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter for the sides (got a smaller one verses the bigger ones that come in packs of two). Dowels are in center of white tier. Had a bit of a time learning how to keep the sides of the fondant sticking to the cake. This is my 5th fondant cake. The fondant I used was Satin Ice. I ran out of extra white fondant so I ended up having to make marshmallow fondant to mix in Satin Ice. Worked well, but looking for some great fondant and cake recipes. Any input gladly taken!


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