Coolest Pin Cushion Cake for Mom

My sister and I decided to make a special cake for a special person – our Mom! Our Mom is a seamstress and owns her own business. We thought of an old fashion pin cushion – what a perfect birthday cake for her. We kept it a complete surprise from Mom, hiding it until we were ready to sing Happy Birthday! Mom loved it so much that we had to convince her to cut the cake, reluctantly she did. It was an absolutely delicious orange creamsickle cake with butter cream icing and marshmallow fondant. Our Dad rarely eats cake and he went back for seconds – that’s how delicious it was! All the children wanted to eat the “pins”, what a great family day.

I try to make-do with what I have on-hand for my hobby cake decorating. An oven-safe, glass mixing bowl was the (almost) perfect shape needed to bake the two half round spheres. The cakes were torted,  stacked, carved and crumb coated. Using a Viva paper towel I smoothed the crusted butter cream before the final fondant layer.

My sister had never airbrushed a cake before, so I handed the airbrush off to her to color it all red. She did a great job don’t you think! A clay extruder gun was used to make the green trim and yellow “thread”. I didn’t have a mold for the buttons so I used both ends of my icing tips to create them. I made the spool of thread and let it harden before trying to wrap the thread around it – much easier!! The words on the spool was hand painted with gel food coloring.

I think making the pins & needle was the hardest, they kept breaking and melting in my hands. They are made out of melted chocolate candy wafers with a dot of fondant on the ends. I melted the chocolate in a piping bag, cut the tip off and piped a lot of long lines. After they hardened in the freezer I pushed them into pre-made holes in the cake. As you can see, some of the “pins” are bent. That’s because I was notorious for running over pins in the sewing machine. The strawberry was covered in glitter and the thimble was painted with Aztec gold dust.

This was one of our first cakes that my sister and I made together. We had an awesome time together that ended with an awesome cake. Thank you Sis and Happy Birthday Mom!!