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Coolest Ronald McDonald Birthday Cake

My daughter is a big fan of Ronald McDonald, so it was only a great idea to have her birthday party at McDonalds. She was Ronald McDonald for Halloween and I had bought her a 1976 Ronald McDonald Doll so it inspired me to make her a Ronald McDonald cake. I searched the web for examples and found one similar to this cake that I made, so I had to figure out how to “put this Homemade Ronald McDonald Birthday Cake together”.

I baked 2 small Pyrex bowls to form the head and two medium Pyrex bowls for the body. To hold the cake together, my husband first made me a cake board with a wooden dowel in the middle that you can find at your hardware store (very inexpensive). I inserted the large cake, then the small one. I filled the cakes with fresh strawberry filling, cut to shape, iced them with buttercream icing and covered the cakes in homemade marshmallow fondant colored in yellow for the Ronald’s suit and white for the head.

I baked a small loaf pan and cut sizes I needed for the legs, iced them and then covered them in fondant. The arms, fore arms and shoes are cut out fondant pieces. The collar, zipper, mouth, nose, pockets and candle holders are fondant pieces as well. With a paint brush I painted in the eyes, brows and little triangles on the face with food coloring. For the hair I piped red buttercream rosettes which worked for his hair.

I went ahead and made matching cupcakes to go with the cake topped them with fondant cut outs and piped in M’s for McDonalds. Cutting the cake was kind of a brain surgery…LOL..but it was delish! The cake was a total hit and got many likes and reviews on my FB but most importantly, my daughter was in LOVE with her cake. She kept checking in on it all morning on the day of her birthday.

Homemade Ronald McDonald Birthday Cake

Homemade Ronald McDonald Birthday Cake

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