Cool Homemade Tidmouth Sheds Cake

I made this Tidmouth Sheds Cake for my son’s second birthday as he is a huge fan of Thomas the Train. I used a 12×18 cake pan for the base and a loaf pan for the bottom part of the shed.

I frosted the base cake with white frosting and then set the loaf pan on top of that and frosted. Once the loaf pan was on and frosted I used the Wilton 47 tip to make the bricks on the shed. For the roof I used Graham Crackers. Use two full crackers for the pitched part of the roof. I cut a full cracker in half and then in half diagonally for the front, middle (for additional support) and back of the roof. I used toothpicks to help support them.

Put frosting on the edges of the triangles and then press the pitched part of the roof on. This will act as the glue for the roof. Frost the roof whatever color you prefer. I used the Wilton 47 tip for the “wood” part of the tracts. I used cake confetti for the crushed gravel that is often on the sides of the tracts.

For Thomas and Percy I used the bathtub squirt toys (new of course) and taped wax paper onto the bottoms so they would stay clean and then set them on the track.

I also made cupcakes without eggs using an egg substitute since our neighbor boy is allergic to eggs. This will take a little more perfecting. I only got 3 out of 12 to look good enough to frost. They do not rise and bond together as well as a normal cake. For those I just frosted yellow and made them into a railroad crossing sign.

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  1. Wow, what a special mom to do all this for her little boy. Someday he will know how much time and love went into his second birthday cake. Are you already planning next year’s cake?


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