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Cake by Khashifa T., South Africa, Cape Town

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This cake was a normal sponge cake recipe baked in a large rectangle pan. I got a picture from the Internet and traced it on the cake after I layered with icing (used a toothpick). Thereafter I started the outline of the picture with the colors I created myself. And to my surprise it came out okay. Everyone loved Garfield including the birthday boy!

Cake by Natalie S., Essex, England

Garfield Cake Photo

I made this cake for my husbands 30th birthday. (I know it says 21st on the cake board but that because he always says he still looks 21!) Anyway I wanted a fun birthday cake for him and he does like Garfield.

I hired the cake pan from a local shop and asked their advice on how to decorate it. I chose to use orange colored fondant icing to cover the whole cake. (As this was my first ever attempt at such a large cake! I thought it would be easier than using a star nozzle all over the cake). I went round with edible black pen and used white fondant icing for his mouth area.

If you are new to making cakes this is a great one to start with! Everyone was so impressed!

Cake by Veronica B., Evansville, IN

Garfield Cake Photo

My niece requested a Garfield cake for her birthday. I used the Wilton Garfield cake pan to create this cake. The pan originally had a faceplate however I no longer had that. So I had to free hand the face.

Cake by Jennifer K., Joplin, MO

Garfield Cake Photo

I baked this cake using a 1980 Wilton Garfield pan I bought recently at a rummage sale for $2.00. There was no pattern (not even on the internet) luckily I’m an 80’s baby so my mom had a picture of one she had done for me.

I went by it and I think it turned out (I still don’t know how many cups of batter the pan takes). I get under or over which can be a mess (lol), so I’ve been putting them on a round or rectangle cakes.

Garfield Cake Photo

Cake by MaryKay C., Kiev, Ukraine

Garfield Cake Photo

The image of was taken from a book.  I enlarged the image on a photocopier, and then traced it onto wax paper using a sharpie pen.  On the backside of the wax paper I retraced the image with black icing gel, and then pressed it onto the top of the Garfield cake, after the white butter cream icing had set.

Once the basic outline was on the cake, I outlined everything in black butter cream icing, using a no. 3 tip.  I then piped in the rest using tip 16 stars.  The top cake border is stars (tip 21) and the bottom border of the cake is white shells with orange and black dots between each shell.

Cake by Sonya M., Tallassee, AL

Garfield Cake Photo

I baked this cake for my oldest son’s 5th birthday. First I baked a single box mix French-vanilla cake (Betty Crocker is our favorite). I used the Wilton Garfield cake pan.

I saved a tiny bit of batter from this mix and poured it into Wilton mini stars pan (fill 3 stars 1/2 full of batter). I then took the cakes out of the oven and allowed them to cool.

I mixed a double batch of butter cream icing. I use Wilton ‘s basic butter cream recipe.

The next step was outlining the features of Garfield in black. I used a tip #14 for outlining. I iced the eyes in white thinned icing before adding the black.

Then I iced the rest of his body with orange icing. The stars were attached to the cake board by using a small dab of butter cream underneath them.

I decorated the 3 mini stars with butter cream icing stars (tip#16) and then added the birthday message.

Garfield Cake Photo

This cake was just in time for the new Garfield movie, and it was a success with the little ones!