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55+ Coolest DIY Pig Birthday Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Pig cakes shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cake ideas here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

And don’t forget… if you end up with a cool cake, have great tips to share or pictures of awesome birthday cakes you’ve made in the past, share them here and be a part of our coolest birthday cake community.

Latest Pig Cakes

Coolest Pig Cake

Pig in the Mud

I made this pig cake for a cake raffle fundraiser for the middle school in my community.  It was very quick and easy to make.  I used the Wilton Soccer Ball Pan (although I’m sure any oven-proof bowl would work) for the body of the pig.  I made a chocolate cake and filled it with peanut butter frosting and called it “mud pie cake.”  I covered the pig with pink fondant and covered the cake board with chocolate frosting.  To give it a wet look, I used edible clear gloss spray. Read More…

Awesome Pigs in Mud Kit Kat Barrel Cake

Awesome Pigs in Mud Kit Kat Barrel Cake

I’ve been seeing pigs in mud cakes all year, but this year was the local fair’s Year of the Pig, so what else could I submit? I was sure there’d be many similar ones, so I made the pigs extra special. I made a dad leaning against the side of the pool wearing sunglasses and reading a paper. The little pig on the raft was startled when he spilt some jelly onto his belly from his pb & j sandwich. Mom was just relaxing, and the other two piggies were diving. Read More…

Coolest Pig Cake For My Friend Who Kept Pigs

Pig Birthday Cake Ideas

I made this pig cake for a manager of the bank where I worked who was retiring, and as she kept pigs we wanted something appropriate for her hobby. I had a week’s notice when asked to do this cake! Read More…

Coolest Piggie Cupcakes

Coolest Piggie Cupcakes

I made these Piggie cupcakes for my granddaughter’s 8th birthday. My grand daughter loves pigs. She has a stuffed animal pig that she has had for several years that she sleeps with. She loves that pig so much that I have had to re-stuff the pig several times. So when she saw the pig cupcakes she said that was what she wanted me to make her for her birthday. It was fun making these little piggies come to life. Read More…

Pig Birthday Cake Ideas

Easy Pig Cake

Easy Pig Cake

I made a rectangular cake and a mini-muffin, which I trimmed for the snout.  I placed the snout then drew the outline in black icing first so I could scrape it off if I made a mistake!  The picture was from a kid’s book.  It was then just a matter of filling in the outlines with pink, then brown icing.  Very low-tech and easy!!

Cool Homemade Little Piggy Cake

Little Piggy Cake

I started with ideas seen on this site and ended up creating something a little different for this little piggy cake.

I used a rectangular pan for the body and cut it into my desired size and shape. For the head I used a round pan. The ears and feet were also cut from the rectangular pan. The highlighting was done using the Betty Crocker or Wilton sprays.

Coolest “When Pigs Fly” Cake


This cake was created for someone who was in the military and also enjoyed the theme of “when pigs fly”. I was excited to receive the challenge and the challenge of deciding on what design I would do. I decided to incorporate both themes into the cake and created an obstacle course for pigs that fly. The pigs have to go through a tire obstacle and a wood obstacle where the pigs have to crawl in mud.

The idea of the cake alone was fun for me because it was already so different. I had a vision in my mind and was able to create that image in life, which was rewarding. I couldn’t wait until the cake was made and frosted so that I could start creating the image that was in my head. This was a cake I enjoyed making because it allowed me to be creative and to use different textures for the cake.

The cake is covered in butter cream frosting and then to decorate, I used brown sugar to make the sand, frosting for the grass and chocolate frosting to make the mud. The pigs and other obstacle items are made out of fondant. I made several pigs in advance to allow the pigs time to dry. I also made the tire and wood obstacles in advance.

This was the first time that I made pigs, let alone pigs that could fly. I really enjoyed making the pigs and feel that they turned out super cute. This cake was easier for me because I didn’t cover it in fondant. Although I enjoy working with fondant, I find that frosting is less stressful for me. I am very proud of this cake because it did come out the way that I envisioned it and everything went as planned. The cake was a success and everyone really enjoyed it!


Cutest Little Piggy Birthday Cake

Pig birthday cake ideas

For my twins 2nd birthday I did a cow and Little Piggy birthday cake. I cooked the head and the body in round Pyrex bowls (smaller bowl for the head). All up it was about 3 cake mixes to fill both bowls. The legs were cut from cake cooked in a square tin. All pieces were secured by skewers and carved at an angle so they fit nicely together. This was a bit of trial and error.

I did a crumb coating (thin layer of icing) over the whole cake and placed fondant over the top. Each part was done separately but it looked great in the end. The ears and tail were made out of fondant which I left overnight to dry into the correct shape. The eyes and nose were made out of fondant too and stuck on with a little bit of icing used like glue.

It was an absolute hit and definitely worth the effort.

Great Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cake Ideas by Jenny H., Shawnee, OK

Birthday Cake Ideas

We got our birthday cake ideas from this site. First we baked three 9 x 13 cakes and froze each of them individually. We then took each one out. After frosting two of them and stacking all three together, we put them back in the freezer for a few hours. We took the cake out of the freezer and began to carve the body of the pig. Leftover cake pieces made the legs, hips and ears. We frosted it pink and used a darker pink for the hooves and made a grey for the spots. In order to poke holes in her nose, we used a straw!

Cake For a Pig-Lover

Cake by, Jodie G., Jenison, MI,

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

My friend Bekah has a mild obsession with pigs. She has collected many in her lifetime. According to my calendar it was National Pig Day (March 1). It definitely called for a pig cake! I used Strawberry cake mix and whipped vanilla frosting with a few drops of red food coloring. For the body, I used a large round cake pan (10 inch). Then I used a smaller round cake pan for the head. The snout is a cupcake with the top cut off. I cut triangles and legs with the remaining cake from the smaller circle.

For the eyes I used black jelly beans. The nostrils and hooves, I made of Good & Plenty candies. You just remove coating from the outside so it is just the black licorice!

My birthday cakes ideas was a hit and enjoyed by all! Have fun

Happy Pig Cake

Cake by Sherry G., Provo, UT

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

I made this pig cake for my sister-in-law’s birthday. When I volunteered to make the cake I knew it had to be a pig (her favorite). I didn’t find any birthday cake ideas that I thought I could do so my son and I drew this up on paper first. We thought it was sure to be a hit.

I used two boxed chocolate cake mixes. I baked one cake in a 9×13 pan and the other cake split up into the pig pieces, two metal bowls, three cupcakes and a small loaf pan. The head was the smaller of the bowls, which I filled about half full. The slightly bigger bowl I filled only about a quarter or less. (I can’t even guess at how long each piece took to cook I just checked them often with a toothpick.)

Building The Pig Cake

I froze the small loaf and the cupcakes overnight because these were the pieces I was going to cut up a lot and I didn’t want them to crumble. For the frosting, I used one prepackaged whipped chocolate frosting for the “mud puddle” and one white package of frosting that was easily colored pink. I first frosted the 9 x 13 cake, saving some frosting for mud detail later. While the frosting was still fresh I placed my bowl cakes on top to stick them in place. I trimmed the back of the head at an angle so his head looked like it was coming up out of the mud. I trimmed the back of the tummy just a bit so it would sit flat. Because I hadn’t cut the ears yet I had to guess about how big they would be to allow room when placing the head.

Pink Frosting For Days

I frosted the head and body pink, then cut the top off a cupcake, placed the stump upside down where I needed it and frosted it while it was still frozen. I then cut the ears, placed them and frosted them while they were still frozen also. The eyes were light colored lifesavers. Using chocolate chips, I added the snout, mouth and the center part of the eyes.

I cut the top of the small loaf off and then cut it into four pieces. I placed them to look like legs and frosted them pink, leaving the hoof bare. The tail was a stack of frosted Nilla Wafers. The top one I micro waved for 20 seconds and cut out the middle and the side and trimmed a side down a bit. (Nilla Waffers go hard again really fast). After microwaving it for another 20 seconds, I was able to bend it upward a bit. I placed it on the stack and frosted it.

Finishing Touches

I filled a bag with the left over chocolate frosting and with a small tip drew waves in the mud like it was moving away from the pig and put a little between the pink on the legs and the hoof. My son wanted it to have a belly button so we added a chocolate chip as a finishing touch.

Seeing as we like to come up with our own birthday cake ideas, we think it was a great success!

Rib Cook Off

Cake by Rachel W, Portland, OR

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

Every year my best friend and I host a rib cook-off. After taking a cake decorating class at my local community college (and finding inspiration for birthday cake ideas on the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes) I decided to try sculpting a cake to match our BBQ theme.

The cake was three layers of strawberry cake baked in a 9×13 dish. I split and filled each layer with strawberry flavored icing. I used Frosting Pride tinted pink for both the filling and outer icing. As I split and stacked the layers I froze them for 2-3 days to make sculpting easier. What really made this cake was serving it on a cutting board with a marzipan apple in its mouth. Because this was for a rib cook-off we sliced the cake like the ribs of the pig.

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

Pretty Pink Pig-Shaped Cupcakes

Birthday cake idea by Celina N, Victoria, TX

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

Here’s piggy piggy… these were made using a jumbo and small marshmallow I cut in half. I used half a jumbo for a snout. The ears were the smaller marshmallows also cut up.

After assembling the structure I used the spray food color to make everything including my table pink. I then took black food color and made eyes, nostrils and small mouth.

Thanks for all the great birthday cake ideas on this site!

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

One of the Coolest Birthday Cake Ideas – Roasted Pig!

Birthday cake idea by Maria B., E. Meadow, NY

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

I had a 40th surprise luau party for my husband. Everyone wanted me to have an actual roasted pig but I couldn’t so my next best birthday cake ideas was to make a roasted pig cake. You have to be a little artistic but it can be done. I baked 2 cakes in the lasagna pans (for the body) then a 7″ round cake (for the neck), a dome cake for the head, and a cup cake for the nose. You can either bake 4 small square cakes using the loaf pans or cheat and buy 4 small pound cakes for the feet and legs.

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

Always trim the top of the cakes so they have a flat surface- except for the body. If the cake has a hump in the middle, it will become the pigs back. If not – use the shaved off pieces from the other cakes and build a hump for the rounded back. Now you are ready to put together your birthday cake.

Making The Roasted Pig Cake

Body, neck and head: The 2 lasagna pan cakes are the body. Then I attached the round cake on it’s side to the front dome cake in front of that – also on its side (shave off a piece so the round cake and dome cakes can sit flat) save the shaved off pieces. The round and dome cakes should be cut enough that they are only slightly higher then the body. You will have spaces between these parts. That’s where you fill in with the discarded pieces.

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

Feet and shoulder: Cut the pound cakes in two halves- 1 part being about 1/4 of the pound cake (the shoulder) the other being 3/4 of the pound cake (the foot). The 3/4 piece shave off1/4 to 1/2″ from the long side to the short side – rounding it off on the short side. This makes the hoof or foot. Again save the cut off pieces to fill in. The 1/4 in piece round off and place on top of the foot for the shoulder. Again fill in with extra pieces. I used vanilla frosting as “Spackle to glue the pieces to each other.

Time To Frost!

Then I frosted the whole cake. You will need 5-6 cake mixes and 4-5 frosting cans. For the nose I stuck a cupcake with a wooden skewer into the front of the pigs head and through the neck to keep it secure. The nose may tip downward – but take a piece of extra cake (left over) and place it beneath the nose and frost it red for the apple. Once the frosting was on I used a hot cup of water and paper towel and smoothed out the frosting. It makes it look cooked and wrinkled. Let it dry.

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

Pig Cake Details

I used 2 pieces of fondant for the ears- roll out a piece and cut into triangle. Cut 2 slits in the pigs head and insert the base of the triangle in. Let the tip fall forward creating the ear. For the tail – fondant chunk rolled in your hand till long. Insert into butt and twirl for a curly tail.

Airbrush on the flesh color first. Then the brown. At feet, nose, ears and back use black – like it was burnt. I found the food coloring used especially for air brushing at a sight called sugarcraft.com.

This took two days to make. One day for baking and cooling and another day for setting up the cake and putting it together and frost. The cake can easily serve 40 or so people. Hope these birthday cake ideas work for you!

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

Sweet Little Piggy Cake

Birthday cake idea by Cynamon M., Niceville, FL

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

This cake was for my daughters 5th birthday. She wanted a little piggy. I looked at this website for some birthday cake ideas and then came up with my own design. The body was made using a Wilton Sport Ball cake pan and the legs are four cupcakes. The cupcakes needed to be trimmed into a leg shape. I used pink fondant to shape the ears, snout, and tail.

Using pink buttercream frosting and a small star shaped tip, I covered the body.

I used white frosting for the eyes and outlined them with black. The mouth is made with bright pink frosting using a round tip. This was the first shaped cake I have ever made.

It was easy to make and my daughter was delighted.

Adorably Simple Cakes

Birthday cake idea by Beryle W., Lami

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

Use a rectangle shaped cake of your favorite flavour and cover with butter icing. Stencil your picture onto the cake and fill in with appropriate colored icing. Add a few finishing touches and you’re done.

Birthday cake idea by Maureen G., E. Fallowfield, PA

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

My daughter loves pigs and cows, and when I found the animal crackers pan from Wilton I had to have it. I used a box of Betty Crocker yellow cake mix and baked it according to the directions.

I tinted buttercream-icing pink, and used tip #16 to decorate. It took some time, but the end result was worth it. It tasted great, and my daughter loved having her own piggy.

Old MacDonald Had A Pig

Birthday cake idea by Brooke C., Jackson, MO

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

I prepared a barn cake and piggie cupcakes for my son, Eli’s first birthday party. We had an ‘Old MacDonald” theme because we like to change the lyric to that song to “Eli-Eli-Oh” for him!

I created both cakes from one box of golden vanilla cake mix (I added an extra egg and a box of instant French vanilla pudding to the batter to make it more sturdy and moist). I baked one square cake and 12 cupcakes.

For the piggie cupcakes I used: 1 container whipped vanilla frosting tinted pink, marshmallow snipped in half for the snouts, blue M&M’s for the eyes, brown gel frosting for the snouts, and pink wafer cookies trimmed into triangles for the ears.

We enjoyed these treats after we had a BBQ lunch. We dressed Eli in overalls and a John Deere cap, but stripped him down to a diaper and a red bandana for the cake and ice cream!

Sweet Pig Cake

Birthday cake idea by Cass R., Leona

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas and Photo

This Pig cake is quite simple. You will need two round cake pans (once the cakes are made, put the smaller on the larger). Then make another small cake – of which you cut out three circles – one for the nose and two for the feet. Also cut small pieces for ears. Frost with pink frosting and use chocolates for eyes and nostrils.

Three Little Pigs

Birthday cake idea by Jennifer C., Phoenix, AZ

Pig-Shaped Birthday Cake Photo

Once I had the idea for the theme for the party, I traced a picture off of the wall border in our triplets’ bedroom. I then took it to a copy store and had them blow it up as large as I wanted the cake to be. I then made 3 cakes that were baked in 9×13 Pyrex pans. Once cooled I took the cakes out of the pans and placed them on top of a board that was covered with coordinating wrapping paper.

Once all 3 cakes were on, I placed the blown up drawing on top and began to cut all around the cake. Then the cake was cut to size and I put the extra pieces aside for people to nibble on. I then started to cut my template little by little, frosting everything color by color, like a paint by number. I used more frosting when I had variances in the height of the cakes. The black was actually shoe string licorice.

The party theme was 3 little piggies, for our triplets 1st birthday. Like in this case, I try to come up with my own birthday cake ideas.