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Homemade Castle Kingdom fit for an 18yr old King”

When one asks their child “What type of birthday cake would you like for your birthday”, one expects white with chocolate icing or chocolate with vanilla icing… not my son (whom by the way was celebrating his 18th birthday)…he said Mom I want a castle cake with blue icing, a dragon, and I want YOU to make the whole thing. So, I did. His wish is my command.

I began by dipping eight cake cones in white chocolate almond bark standing one on top of the other,then dipped sugar cones in the white chocolate and while wet rolled them in bright confetti sprinkles placing them on top of the cake cones. I did this 48 hours prior to party, very gently placed them in baggies~while holding my breath~ and refrigerated them. 32 hours prior to party I baked one flavor each of these cake mixes, standard box style, of strawberry(2-round 8×8),chocolate (1-rectangular 13×9), french vanilla (1-rectangular 13×9).

Let them cool then put first layer on to white platform shaving the top before for uniformity when stacking… 24 hours until party…Now the fun part~ICING~!!!!! I mixed Wilton royal blue icing dye with standard vanilla icing (3 containers) and iced first level , then second level and finally third layer. I proceeded to alternate with green icing and white icing to trim the cake for extra emphasis. I used a blue fake gem for round top to give top of cake different definition. I had an absolute ball, decorating cake from beginning to end took maybe two hours. I used dark chocolate Hersey Kisses, silver Sixlet candies, green gumdrops,fairy dust, Hershey’s Cookies and Creme bar, bright edible confetti sprinkles. I used vanilla white icing dyed with green food coloring with a leaf decorating tip to create grass and blue sparkle icing for moat water…I did however refrigerate iced partially decorated cake overnight so the heat would not melt my icing and removed 3 hours prior to party and then the special moment…. I connected the towers(by pushing gently into green icing) and gently landed my son’s Big Awesome Green Dragon in the courtyard and my Battling Knight opposite… WOW I surprised myself, yes, there are better prettier more perfect cakes but none made with more heart or teardrops than mine.

One change I’d make is to go up one more rectangle layer for massiveness appeal, but otherwise loved the end result. happy 18th birthday to my darling, I’d do it again and again just to see that smile.

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