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Homemade Christmas Scene Cake

I dont know what to call my cake because its very simple compared to all the crafted and amazing cakes everyone comes up with.

I love what I come up with and I want to share it on this site with the impression that it will help someone who has never made a cake or decorated one. My cakes are not moulded or crafted but drawn and filled.

I hope it will help.

I made this cake for my daughters christmas party at school. Since they were taught all about chritmas this year, i thought of putting everything linked to chritmas on the cake to make it interesting for all her classmates to look at and recognise everything on it. I couldnt put snowman and father chritamas on it becuase of no enough space but tried to include all little things.

I made a cake in a flower cake pan. I iced it with buttercream icing and froze it so the the icing gets alittle hard. then I smoothened it with kitchen paper towel. With a toothpick I drew on it and filled it up with star nozel. I have drawn stockings with presents, a bell, a ball, reindeer’s face, candy and a christmas tree.

And there it is!


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