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Our Principal’s 58th Birthday Cake

I live in the very small town of White Pine, TN. I am considered a “half-back” since I was born and raised in MI then lived in FL for 25 years and now I have found my little piece of heaven in this small town of White Pine.

I am a Special Education Aide at the one and only K-8 school here where I enjoy my job and also enjoy bringing in cakes to put in the Teacher’s Lounge as a morale booster for our teachers. Though our school is small we have a lot of pride to be White Pine Cyclones.

I was asked by the staff to make a special 58th birthday cake for our principal Mr. Walker and gladly took the challenge. I wanted to portray on the cake the pride we have in both athletics and academics for our school, and of course how fortunate we are to have such a great and caring principal.

I began the thought process of the cake design a month prior to the “party”. Each and every piece is made exclusively of fondant. I  started with the crayons, pencil, notebook paper, apple and books. I wanted to make a black board design for the top layer and asked my good friend, our 7th grade math teacher, to provide me with math equations that would equal 58. I did a ruler design on the bottom tier out of fondant and included sports cut outs to show our pride.

It was my very first time at making a fondant person and was very nervous about doing this. When I finished with my fondant “Mr. Walker” it was an amazing look alike! He truly looks just like that!

I brought  the cake in that morning and put it in the Teachers Lounge and everyone began to take pictures and put them on social media like a storm! Needless to say I was proud of how it turned out.

When Mr. Walker came in that day everyone again made him pose with his cake. Everyone was saying (even the Art Teacher) what a work of art it was and that it shouldn’t be cut! Needless to say  the teachers and staff did not get a piece of Mr. Walkers cake that day because he wanted to take it home for his family to see.

That was a true and awesome compliment for me! It was worth all the time I put in it and was kind of glad I didn’t see anyone cut into it!


White Pine Academic Pride

White Pine Athletic Pride

Ruler border

Mr. Walkers Birthday Wish