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7 Cool Graduation Cake Ideas for Med School Graduates

This cool collection of Graduation cake ideas is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest graduation cake ever. Good luck!

BioMed Graduation Cake

Graduation cake ideas submitted by Tiffany N.

Graduation Cake Ideas

I had a friend contact me one day. She said a friend of hers daughter was graduating from High School and was needing a two tiered red velvet  cake. I accepted the challenge and asked her to email me things that they wanted on the cake. I made the top tier white and the bottom blue for her High School colors.  Then I made marshmallow fondant which is completely yummy. It goes good with the buttercream frosting I made that went along well with the red velvet cake I made from scratch.  I tinted the fondant royal blue, red, orange and a lighter blue with the Americolor Gel. Simply love the bright colors it makes.

I made the pill bottle and the top the night before so that it would have time to dry. I made fondant pills and decided to have them spill out of the bottle down to the bottom tier.  The top tier she wanted The Star of Life outlined with a white border which features The Rod of Asclepius in the center. She also asked that I add the heartbeat, so I thought why not add a few hearts in between the beat.  I also added the white and blue twisted rope made from fondant to bring the two tiers together.

The bottom tier which I did a royal blue she wanted the RLT school logo. I added the little diplomas around the bottom to represent her Graduation.  I made the glove as lighter blue and wanted it to drape down from the top to the bottom tier.  All in all this cake was a great accomplishment for me. I have never done such detail on a cake before and I am very proud of myself.

The hardest part of this cake for me was making the pill bottle. I had to make it a couple of times because it kept collapsing. Finally I got it to hold its shape and was finally able to lay it on its side.  I have taught my self everything I know. I learn from my mistakes and  I have come a long way.  The best part of making this cake was seeing there faces when I delivered it.  It was PRICELESS…

Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation Cake Ideas

Nursing School Graduate Cake

Graduation cake ideas submitted by Dorothy D.

Nursing Graduate
Nursing Graduate

I made this Nursing School graduate cake for my niece who just graduated from Nursing School. First I made the pattern for the shape. I had to measure and make sure the dimensions would fit with the cake pan that I was going to use. Once I finished the pattern I had to start making the decorations for the cake.

I started with the pill bottle and pills first using a mixture of fondant and gum paste, then divided it up and added the colors I needed for the  bottle and the pills, shaped them and then I used an edible marker for the writing. Then I used the same process for the thermometer, bandage roll, band-aid and scissors. The syringe I used the same process except I hand painted a toothpick then let it dry and inserted it into the syringe while it was still soft. I made these items a couple of days ahead so that they would have time to dry. The ink pen, name tag and stethoscope I waited until I was ready to make the cake to do those.

I made and baked a 11″x15″ cake, let it cool and wrapped it in plastic wrap, placed it in the freezer for several hours so that I would be able to carve the cake. Once it was ready I placed my pattern onto the cake and used a very large sharp knife and cut out the cake. Then I used my homemade wondercream icing and covered the cake (in white) and placed it in freezer again to crust up, then I covered it again in icing, repeat this step 3 times.

I smoothed the icing as smooth as possible. I then placed my scissors on one side and made my ink pen and placed on the other side, then I used white fondant to cut out pockets, used my wheel punch to make stitches around the pockets and placed them one each side covering the scissors and ink pen. Then I took a small piece of black fondant to make the pin clip for the ink pen. Then I added my pill bottle and pills using some gum glue (gum paste and water mix) to stick them to the fondant pockets.

I did the same for the bandage roll and  thermometer. Using fondant I cutout sleever and neckline and placed them on the cake. Made a crease in icing for the sleeves, added the band aid, made the name tag using white fondant on bottom and black fondant on top then I used icing to write the name on the tag.

Finally I used fondant to make the stethoscope, using blue fondant rolled out and laid it on top then down behind the neck and back up on top, using grey fondant  I made the end pieces of the stethoscope laid on each end of the stethoscope with white fondant tips. I laid the  syringe across the top of the stethoscope. Then I added a shell border to finish off the cake.

Graduation Cake for a Respiratory Therapist

Graduation cake ideas submitted by Jenn

Homemade  Graduation Cake

My friend saw a picture online and wanted me to make a Graduation Cake for her husband. He had just graduated from a Respiratory Therapy program. The stethoscope and grad cap are made out of fondant.

For the cap, I used a small piece of cardboard for the top and put the fondant on that and I used a small paper cup covered in fondant for the base. The stethoscope was basically just rolled out and I shaped the other pieces myself. I made two sheet cakes from scratch and cut them down a bit and carved the sides so it looked more like a book.

After I covered the cake in blue fondant, I used white strips of fondant for the pages. I then used my fondant tool to make lines on the strip so the pages would seem more real. The writing was done in buttercream.

The cake was a real hit!

Med School Graduation Cake

Graduation cake ideas submitted by Kathy R.

Homemade Graduation Cake

This Graduation Cake I made for a doctor graduating. It was also her birthday. The bottom tier is choc biscuit cake and choc sponge and the top tier is choc sponge. I covered the entire cake with white fondant and added black fondant strips and white stripes.

All the extras around the cake Stethoscope, Hypodermic needle, Pills are made using fondant. The pills are glazed to get shiny effect. I made the mortar board by using a shallow bowl to mold cap and cut a square of black fondant and let it dry out. I used Wilton silver spray on the stethoscope and Wilton clear glaze for shiny effect.

The balls are made from white fondant rolls and the medical symbol is cut free hand out of black fondant and again left to dry.

Homemade Graduation Cake

Homemade Graduation Cake

Medical School Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation cake ideas submitted by Meagan

Graduation Cake

My cousin was graduating from Medical school so I wanted to have the perfect cake that would show my admiration for her hard work. So far I don’t sell my cakes but make them for family and friends. When I make my cakes I try to make the next cake top the last. When I asked her what she wanted for a cake the soon to be doctor said “nothing with flowers”. Finally I decided to decorate her cake with the school’s crest.

I enlarged the crest on a copy machine and began cutting my pieces out of fondant. This was one project that I learned the most from. The fondant pieces were so small and detailed that the crest kept breaking apart. I threw away many fondant crests before I realized that I could use navy blue royal icing as glue to stick the broken pieces back together.

I frosted the graduation cake, added the crest and for the lettering I used the alphabet fondant cutters, and placed the greeting on the cake around the crest.

This cake was a challenge, but it was worth the gray hair.

Pharmacist Graduation Cake

Graduation cake ideas submitted by Rina B.

Homemade Pharmacist Graduation Cake

After looking all over for some ideas on decorating a cake for Pharmacist graduation cake I decided to create my own.

I made this cake for a family friend who graduated from Pharmacy school and is now a Pharmacist. I made the bottom 18” round with fresh strawberries, kiwis and mangoes and whipped cream. Then I colored the whipped cream pink and covered the top. I added gray boarder on the top and the bottom of the cake and pink pearls.

For the props on the top of the cake I made prescription bottle out of rice krispy treats and covered it with light brown fondant and had a edible image of the bottle cover that I designed to personalize the bottle and made the other piece with rice krispy treats as well and covered it with white fondant and colored it sliver and sprinkled sliver glitter on top.

I used candy to make pills and capsules and used black icing to write on them.

Dental Hygiene Graduation Tooth Cake

Graduation cake ideas submitted by Michelle D.

Coolest Dental Hygiene Graduation Tooth Cake

My cake was so fun to make!  I just graduated as a dental hygienist, and one of my hobbies is to make cakes.  I have always made cakes for everyone else but didn’t plan on making a cake for myself  – but my family made me one… LOL!

Well anyways I made a half sheet cake that was half yellow and half chocolate, for the bottom cake.  Then I took another pan and made a cake that was butter pecan flavor.  I shaped the tooth by freehanding and cutting out the shape.  I frosted the entire cake using better cream frosting- it’s more of a whipping frosting but it is delicious, not real sweet and just makes the cake nice and smooth.  The bottom cake you can’t see very well, but I used tip 103 and created lavender purple ruffles around the entire cake.

The sash and letters RDH are made out of fondant, use the satin ice fondant it is wonderful.  I piped the face and used edible eyes.  Everyone loved the cake, and I am so proud of it.

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