Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Cake

I made this Rainbow Fish cake for my little boy’s second birthday. He was a huge fan of Rainbow Fish and we were constantly reading an over sized book called Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale. I knew I was going to make a Rainbow Fish cake and after much thought I decided to copy the cover of the book.

The cake was made from scratch and baked in a handmade 11×15 cake pan that my grandmother passed down to me.  The butter cream icing was also made from scratch and tinted to match the colors of the book.  Rainbow fish is 3D with each fondant scale tinted to give him his bright rainbow colors. Of course he has Rainbow Fish’s signature sparkly scale. The look of amazement and pure joy on my little boys face is one of my most memorable and favorite times, making the hours of work involved in this cake totally worth it.

When we started to sing happy birthday he leaned over, put both his hands right on the cake to balance himself and blew out the candles. The rainbow fish came off and was his own individual cake.  The memories that go along with this cake make it my favorite cake ever!

Hands right on the cake :)

The cake with the our favorite book