This fishing cake is two separate cakes. The back cake is the cake to be eaten. Tip-ups are hand made, and so is the ice augar  There are holes and tip-ups for each hole. The center piece is a statue keepsake. The front cake had a container of real minnows in it posed as an ice fishing hole with fish in it. It also had a much bigger Tip-up handmade to look like a real ice fishing hole.

I covered the edges of the hole with frosting and sprinkled the cake with big sugar crystals to give it the snow on the ice effect. It was a big hit for my son and others that liked ice fishing. The cakes are both 2 layers. Frosting is homemade. Tip-ups are made out of balsa wood and toothpicks with orange flag material for the flag. The Ice auger is made of modeling clay. Any candles would work.