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Scout the Leapfrog Dog Cake

I made this Scout the Leapfrog Dog cake for my friend’s son’s 4th birthday. What was really difficult is that Google only had two examples of scout cakes and they were massive fondant and sculpted cakes way outside my skill level and our price range! So I used a flat image of Scout from Google as my inspiration. This is a chocolate cake with butter cream icing, from the Wilton recipe.

The nose patch, the the ring around the eye, eyes,  and ears are dyed fondant. I used candy melts to pipe in the eyes with white. I also used the candy melts to pipe Oliver on the dog color. I used a round tip on the icing bag to make a blue collar for the dog. This is my first cake in almost a year. I was pregnant last year and the smell of the butter cream made my morning sickness awful so I had to put my baking on hold. We will see how he likes it tomorrow!